Falicia Blakely

Falicia Blakely


Fame is not always positive. The details help us understand that some people are famous in the public sector because of their negative activities. Falicia Blakely is a name you will witness making noise in the public sector. Such names can be ranked on the top of the negative fame list.

Now you might be wondering about what negative fame is. So if we talk about the general paradigm of the public, then we will come to know that most of the people that are renowned and have fame belong to the entertainment and sports sector. Their characters and services are admired. The rest of the people known among the public are the ones holding public offices. Other than that, you might not be able to find people with fame.

Another category of people is renowned among the public because of the negative consequences of their actions. They are not idealized. People take a lesson from their life. In this race, we have enlisted all the details regarding the life of the famous Falicia Blakely.

Who is Falicia Blakely

There are thousands of people in the modern world who are known by the general public because of the events they go through. Falicia Blakely is a name that caused turbulence among the public and immediately hit the news. Now you might be wondering about the event. So let us tell you that she is famous nowadays because she murdered three men. Doing such a thing is not easy at all. Also, if you are conducting such a stunt at the age of 19, only then you might have some strong nerves.

The early life and the tragedy

If we look at the early life of Falicia Blakely, we will come to know that she was living with her grandmother in New York. But due to some uncivilized people who sexually assaulted her, she was forced to leave the home of her grandmother and had to move to Atlanta, Georgia.  Here she came to her mother, who raised her as a single parent.

The academic profile

If we look at the academic life, we will come to know that her mother was not financially stable; therefore, she could not pay Falicia’s dues, and due to this, she had to discontinue the cycle of her studies.

The dancing career

Living a life without money or financial stability is not an easy task at all. The detail helps us understand that Falicia Blakely became an exotic dancer at a nightclub to earn some money for herself at the end of the day.

The love life of Falicia

The tragedy of love and pregnancy

People do fall in love, and a similar happened with Falicia Blakely. She fell in love with her boyfriend, whom she had been in a relationship with for quite some time. She also got pregnant with his child. At that point, her boyfriend ran away, leaving her in a pregnant situation. But she kept her pregnancy a secret.

The reason why the boyfriend left Falicia

People are wondering why the boyfriend left Falicia, so let us tell you the actual reason. He was also romantically involved with someone else. Also, he was having sexual intercourse with Falicia at times when she was underage and was bearing his child at the age of 15 to 16 years, which was illegal. Thus to save his neck, he ran away.

The details of the event

Since she was all alone and had to raise her child, she kept dancing in the club. Later, she met an old man who cared for her and her son. Falicia Blakely and her husband robbed Claudel Christmas, a 35-year-old, and her friend Raymond Goodwin, who was 34 years old. They did not just rob them. They also killed them. This event took place on 15th august 2002.

The physical profile

The personal life details 

The names of the family members

If we look at the personal life of the person in question, we will come to know that Falicia opened her eyes in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. She was raised here by her mother. If we talk about the names of the family members, then this is a detail that has been hidden till now.

The physical profile

If we look at the physical profile, we will come to know that Falicia Blakely’s height is 5 feet 7 inches. If we switch the scales, we can say she is 173 cm tall. Also, if we talk about the second most important detail, we will know that her weight is 65 Kg. These characteristics, combined with black hair and eyes, make her an acceptable African American.

The physical profile

The timeline of the events

Age is one of the biggest factors while studying such horrible events. This is why if we go through the details, we will know that she opened her eyes in 1987 and murdered the youngsters in 2002. At that time, her age was only 16 or 17 years. Also, if we talk about today, we will come to know that she is currently standing at an age of 35 years.

The enigmatic personality

The lack of information

Since she was not a famous personality, several blank spaces exist in her profile. If we talk about the family details, no names are available regarding her parents, love partners, and son. Also, if we dive deeper and look at the academic profile, then we will come to know that the only detail we know is that Falicia quit the cycle of her education early in her life.

The blanks spaces in her profile

Also, talking about other personal details such as ethnicity and religion, we will not be able to get a concrete answer because of the unavailability of the information. Since she was not very well off financially, she had to become a dancer at a nightclub. This is why there is not much research regarding the net worth value of Falicia. Also, people wonder about the personal likings of people then we will come to know that hobbies and favorites are also an enigma.

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Falicia Blakely is a name that will make you rethink your life decisions and take a lesson. Because no matter what state you are going through, if you commit a crime, you have to pay for it at the end of the day.


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