Ari Fletcher Age

Ari Fletcher Age

What do you know about Ari Fletcher age? Ari Fletcher is a well-known American entrepreneur, social media influencer, and model, YouTuber, and Internet celebrity (born July 12, 1995; age: 26). She is well renowned for her sexy appearance and daring photo sessions.

Her incredible photos are all over her social media accounts. She has also worked with other businesses and publications. She is also a well-known businesswoman in addition to this. Ari is the proprietor of the hair extension firm KYCHE Extensions.

Let’s discuss model, entrepreneur, and social influencer Ari Fletcher. To support her family, she gave up her higher studies. She started working in bars, spas, and salons to provide for the rest of her family. She is an incredible inspiration who has amassed millions of fans on social media. In this article, we’ll discuss Ari Fletcher Age and her life!

Who is Ari Fletcher?

American model, entrepreneur, and well-known social media personality Ari Fletcher has worked with numerous companies. She is renowned for her sexy appearance and risk-taking photo sessions. She has been featured in several magazines and fresh content.

The owner of the hair extension business “KYCHE Extention” is Ari Fletcher. She gained notoriety when, even though they were in a romantic relationship, she wrote 12 to 13 times on her Twitter account about the lyrics of well-known American rapper Moneybagg Yo’s new song “Wockesha” and questioned him as to why they were not about her.

Who is Ari Fletcher?

They have never made their connection known to the world. Ari currently shares a happy home with her mother and a little child. We inform you that Moneybagg is not the child’s biological father.

Early Life of Ari Fletcher

On July 12, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, Ari Fletcher was born in the United States. Ari Fletcher age is 26 years. Her mother, Erin Fletcher, worked as a waitress at a nearby café, and although her father is unknown, he was a high school janitor. She was reared alongside her two siblings, Kyle and Ashley, and is of African American origin. She moved in with her mother, brother, and sister when she was little since she didn’t get along with her father. When she was ten years old, her younger brother Kyle passed away.

Early Life of Ari Fletcher

Ari got a tattoo of his face on her left shoulder to honor him and preserve his memories. Ari Fletcher graduated from Chicago Vocational High School in 2013 after receiving her schooling there. After graduation, she went to Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois. In contrast, she quit school after her brother passed away and began working as a waiter at Adrianna’s Nightclub in Chicago. A modeling scout there launched her modeling career.

The career of Ari Fletcher

After quitting school due to the murder of her brother, Ari started working as a server at Adrianna’s Nightclub in Chicago. Later, in 2005, she began her modeling career by creating the @therealkylesister Instagram page. Her name was inspired by her brother, Kyle.

Ari Fletcher has also experimented with hair weaving. She co-founded the hair extensions business KYCHE Extensions with her cousin Britney. She also launched a YouTube channel on November 29, 2016, where she posts random videos.

More about Professional Life

A well-known social media figure is Ariana Fletcher. She has collaborated with many well-known companies, including Fashion Nova, Savage X Fenty, and others. She also has a presence on YouTube, often uploading vlogging videos.

As an Entrepreneur

Fletcher made a living serving drinks as a bartender when she was younger. Later, she decided to launch her own company. Ari had little experience with business tactics. She began by selling hair extensions and then founded a business.

Also, she currently has a sizable hair extension business called “KYCHE Extensions.” She founded her business in 2016. According to rumors, she will also launch her new enterprise alongside Dionte, a hairstylist.

As a Youtuber

On November 29, 2016, Ari launched her YouTube channel as “TheRealKyleSister.” Up to August 2021, she will have 296k subscribers and 6.2 million views. She published her first video on May 10, 2017, with the caption “KYChe Extensions Presents “#BundleUp By Any Means.”

95k people have seen it as of August 2021. On December 14, 2019, she published her final video, “Thanksgiving at Ari’s 2019.” When this story got written, the video had received 723k views.

Personal life of Ari Fletcher

Despite what a lot of people think, Ari Fletcher is not currently married. In contrast, she was romantically linked to Freeband Joey in 2012. After being alone for three years, she started dating G Herbo, a well-known rapper and composer. Herbert Randall Wright III is also famous as G Herbo. As an outcome of her relationship with G Herbo Ari, Yosohn Santana, her son, was born in April 2018. The union of Ari G Herbo was brief.

After a fight with Ari, G Herbo was detained in 2019 for domestic violence. G Herbo confessed to being guilty. He released a video on Instagram that accuses Ari of taking his mother’s jewelry.

As a result of these accusations, G Herbo and Ari broke up. A rapper from the United States named Moneybagg Yo is the person she is now dating. Additionally, she frequently shares photos of them on Instagram.

Ari Fletcher’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Ari Fletcher is $10 million. Ari Fletcher age is 26 years. She works as a businesswoman, social media influencer, and model in Chicago. She also helped start the hair extension business KYCHE.

Most of her income comes from her company KYLE Extensions, and paid Instagram promotions. On her verified Instagram account, she has 4.6 million followers. She is a well-known social media user who shares videos and pictures of her daily activities. She has a huge global fan base.

Appearance on social media

July 12, 1995, saw the birth of Ari Fletcher. Ari Fletcher age is currently 26 years. She also maintains her physical beauty by eating a nutritious diet, and her beauty is undeniable. Beautiful model Ariana Fletcher is also very talented. She stands at five feet, one inch (1.54 m). She weighs 57 kg and has long, dark hair and eyes.

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More about Ari Fletcher

Furthermore, news broke on Yahoo that Moneybagg Yo had received 28 acres of land as a birthday gift from Ari. She enjoys going to the beach with her pals during her free time. She enjoys collecting jewelry and accessories and is an avid wearer of both. Fletcher has given several companies social media endorsements. Ari also appeared in the Nicki Minaj song “Good Form” music video. It was all about Ari Fletcher age and her life!


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