College Dorm Parties

College Dorm Parties


If we say that college life is one of the best parts of your life, then it would not be wrong at all. We can never forget the college dorm parties because they are embedded in our memories, and whenever we feel discouraged, these thoughts from the past help us boost our morale. Especially since you have all your friends around you at that moment, you do not have anything to worry about, and the world feels like paradise.

The enjoyment and the fun you observe in the college dorm parties is the one you will not be able to get anywhere else in the world. Neither can you get this experience with anyone other than college friends. Even these vibes can be relived once you are reunited with your college friends in the future. Most of the public does not have any idea about college dorm parties. In this article, we have mentioned all the details you need to know.

College dorm parties an overview

Since the mechanism of the institutes is different, the definition of the said subject changes for every institute. If we take a general look, we will come to know that college dorms are where all the students reside. This is a common place where the student lives and sleeps.

Where do we find dormitories

In most institutes where the students are not offered separate rooms, the system of dorms comes to their rescue. They are encouraged to share the living space with some other fellows. Most of the time, this phenomenon is observed in the colleges that offer two-year and four-year plans.

The initiation of the dorm party

Every now and then, when the students feel bored and want to make sure that they live some quality time, they throw a dorm party. This is the most fun-filled moment of their college life. If we look at the trends, we will come to know that the students living in the close vicinity of the institute also prefer to go for the college accommodations because of the fun-filled vibes and so that they can focus on their academic activities in a better way.

The dorm parties and decorum

If we say that the dorm parties are the only places where the students can socialize with others, then it would not be wrong at all. These are the moments that are recorded in their memories forever. But just like all other places, there is decorum at the college dorm parties, and if you have never been to one, then it is of the utmost importance that you learn what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do in these parties.

How alcohol and college dorm parties are related

Alcohol a secret

One of the most important aspects is alcohol. Alcohol can be termed the staple drink of college parties. But since you are a student, the authorities keep a check that you are not utilizing alcohol that does not suit your age. This is why the students tend to ensure this stays a secret.

How much alcohol intake should be observed

If you are attending a dorm party for the first time in your life, then be aware of how much alcohol you intake. The only amount of alcohol you should intake is the one that does not make you suspect once you pass by any authoritative person from the management staff. Since institutes have strict regulations in this regard, you should keep an eye open and make sure that your drinks are not overflowing.

The alcohol-themed parties

If we look at the theme of most of the college dorm parties, we will know that most of the time, it is an alcohol patty you come across. This is why even if your college does not have any regulations regarding alcohol, even in that case hosting alcohol parties is not a good idea. Therefore the students should make sure that they do not cross the limits.

The alcohol dependency

If we look at the details, we will come to know that many problems can arise due to alcoholic dorm parties. If you are underage, you will soon become dependent upon alcohol, which will become a lifelong habit. You might not be able to survive without alcohol.

The alcohol dependency

The side effects of alcohol intake

It has been observed that most of the time, the students get intoxicated by the alcohol they intake, and as a result, they become disrespectful towards others. This is the moment when the matter gets out of hand. Because they start disrespecting each other or quarrel with people.

A planned infrastructure

Certain guidelines must be considered if you are considering throwing a party. Most of the time, it is observed that the colleges do not have a designated housing plan for students. This is not admirable. A perfect housing plan should be introduced in which a person should be responsible for the job title of building advisor or residence assistant.

A planned infrastructure

The reporting mechanism

The residence assistant should keep an eye on all the activities in the student dormitories. Also, let’s talk about the students. It should be made compulsory that they report all the parties they will be conducting to the resident assistant to ensure that any misshaping is avoided.

The job of parents

In college days, the children do not tend to care much about their parents’ advice, but even then, the parents should keep an eye open for the details and ensure that their children follow the regulation.

In most colleges, the students are allowed to bring alcohol only if they are above the age of 21. This is why the parents should also be aware of the dorm party rules to ensure that they understand that their children are not going out of the line. Also, keeping the talking channels open will help you at the end of the day.

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College dorm parties are the most fun part of college life. So whenever you are bored from studies and want to uplift your spirits, throwing a dorm party will be the best thing to come across.


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