Timothy Wilks

Timothy Wilks


The actions always have a reaction, and people should ensure that they take every step in a counted manner; otherwise, they will have to face fatal consequences. Timothy Wilks story will help you understand that if you are going through a moment of surprise, you should not give an immediate reaction. You should calculate all of your options so that at the end of the day, you are not one with blood on your hands.

Especially in this modern world, breaching the privacy of any person is the biggest crime you can commit. Therefore people should refrain from any activity that will make them go through regret at the end of the day. Because it will be of no use to repent over the spilled milk.

With the advent of social media, we are witnessing several incidents being brought to our knowledge that were unheard of in the past. In this article, we have mentioned all the details regarding Timothy Wilks.

Who is Timothy Wilks?

Getting an idea about the famous names in society will not harm you at all. It keeps you updated, and you will not feel like being the misinformed one. Thus, if we talk about the person in question, we will know that Timothy Wilks is a famous social media star and Youtuber who has been sharing videos on his channel, taking a different approach.

Often the videos are unique. Recently the famed social media star left the world in a tragic incident leaving the family and the fans shocked and miserable. There are not many people who know about the details of the death of the social media star.

The plot of the prank

On Friday night, around nine o’clock, the Youtuber started shooting a prank. The plot of the prank was to scare random people from the public and depict that they are being subjected to a robbery. Thus, at the end of the day, that person’s response was to be recorded and uploaded on his channel. All of this was taking place while being filmed by the camera.

The death news of Timothy Wilks

It was around 9:20 pm when the authorities received a call regarding a young man being shot down by another youngster in Urban Air, a place in the Hermitage neighborhood of the city. When the authorities came over, they saw that another one shot a youngster. The dead one was recognized as Timothy Wilks. Whereas on the other hand, the shooter was recognized as David Starnes Jr. The authorities immediately started investigating the event.

The cause of death 

While investigating the event, the police discovered that the late Timothy Wilks wanted to shoot a prank, and while he was filming all of this on camera, he approached David Starnes Jr. with a butcher knife. In such cases, a person has to think of protecting his life. Similarly, David pulled out the weapon and shot Timothy Wilks in self-defense. It was later revealed that it was just a prank.

The social media advent

The quest for uniqueness

With the advent of social media and the introduction of new media platforms, every now and then, people all over the world are trying everything in their power to ensure they get the general public’s attention. For this purpose, they are trying to film the unique phenomena.

Trying something new

Since there are not many unique phenomena out there, therefore, people are trying to create one. Since most of them are amateurs, therefore, they do not take all the aspects into account, and most of the time, it has been witnessed that they fall prey to their work. This is why it is of the utmost importance that a person takes care while creating the content.

The beneficial content is the only way out

The only thing that should be uploaded on the internet is how you can be beneficial for mankind. You should not do anything considered dangerous or fatal because it will have severe consequences. Also, doing something illegal can make you end up in jail too. Thus avoiding such factors is of the utmost importance.

Studying the perspectives of both individuals

The perspective of Timothy Wilks

Looking at the perspectives of both people involved in this incident will help you analyze the event better. The details help us understand that Timothy Wilks wanted to make sure that he film a unique moment and a video that would earn him many views. Thus, he was trying to do something out of context.

The missing link in the plan

The mistake he made was regarding the wrong judgment of the people’s response. He should have calculated that when a man is threatened with a knife, he will try to do everything in his power to save his life. Also, he will try to use something more dangerous than a knife to save himself. Similar is the case here.

The missing link in the plan

The perspective of David Starnes Jr.

If we talk about the perspective of the shooter David Starnes Jr., we will know that he was just living like an ordinary person, and immediately, an unknown man came in front of him, threatening him with a knife. Then he tried to calculate his options to ensure the person did not hurt him.

David might be on the right track

Also, in the history of most of the robberies, it has been witnessed that the attackers take everything from the victim, and even then, they harm them. David thought that this was a similar situation. Therefore, he calculated his options and thought that he could only save himself by shooting the attacker in self-defense. Also, he was right in doing so because if it was not a prank, then he would have been suffering from fatal consequences.

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Currently, no one is being charged for the Timothy Wilks event. But the general public should be made aware of the fact that there are certain limits that you should not cross. Also, the content creators should be provided proper knowledge regarding how they can create more entertaining content without harming the general public or themselves. We hope that the number of such events will decrease in the future.


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