Benefits of Wearable Vibrators for Couples

wearable vibrators

There are virtually an endless amount of ways to improve the sex life between you and your partner. From being able to engage in mutual masturbation, to using toys, all of these can help you bond with your partner and truly engage in an emotional and physical relationship that is out of this world. One of the most recent innovations in the sex toy industry that can help catapult the intimacy between you and your partner is the wearable vibrator.

Wearable vibrators come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and can serve different functions. One of the many benefits of wearable vibrators is being able to help long-distance couples and couples living together spice things up in the bedroom and improve their sex life. Below are some of the many benefits of these types of sex toys.

Improve Foreplay

There is evidence that suggests foreplay, if done properly, can actually lead to longer sex and better orgasms. There’s a good reason behind this. Foreplay gives couples the chance to open up to each other, enjoy the intimacy between a couple without the need for sex, and help improve their overall ability to engage in physical touching without needing to dive straight into sex.

For couples that want to engage in foreplay even before they begin in the bedroom, using a wearable vibrator with a remote control can help you get in the mood discreetly before heading home or to your hotel room.

Engage in Play Even At a Long Distance

Long-distance relationships can be difficult to maintain, especially if there is a lack of intimacy between partners. One way to improve intimacy is to use app-controlled vibrators, which allow couples to control the vibrator their partner is wearing no matter where they’re located in the world.

These vibrators can be wearable, or they can be stand-alone massagers. In either case, allowing your partner to control your vibrator is not only sensual, but it also builds a level of trust in your partner and a level of intimacy that couldn’t otherwise be achieved through a long-distance relationship.

Develop a Bond Through Mutual Masturbation

In addition to helping long-distance couples, engaging in mutual masturbation with your partner can also help couples that are just getting to know each other. In fact, mutual masturbation can help you be vulnerable with your partner, know how to develop a bond with your partner, and even teach you what your partner likes and doesn’t like.

Using a wearable vibrator that allows you to control the different strength settings is a great way to understand what your partner likes and doesn’t like.

Fulfill Fantasies Discreetly

Did you know that around 84% of people interviewed in a single study said that they fantasized at least once about sex in public? In addition, 29% said it was a regular fantasy. While many states and jurisdictions have been against having sex in public, using discreet toys with your partner is one way to fulfill this fantasy without fear of getting in trouble with the law and being respectful.

Add Some Spice and Improve Your Sex Life

Using wearable vibrators is just one way to improve your sex life. Wearable vibrators are also excellent at improving long-distance relationships, creating a bonding experience with your partner, and even improving sex overall with a partner. If you’re someone that feels they need to improve their sex life or their relationship as a whole with their partner, consider using wearable vibrators and other tools to help add a little bit of novelty to your sex life.


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