Andrew Santino Wife

Andrew Santino Wife


One of the biggest advantages of fame is that it also affects the life of the people around you. Andrew Santino wife is a question that will help you understand that if you can achieve fame in your life, then you will surely have to share it with the people around you. This is the only thing that you can not keep to yourself forever.

The available data helps us understand that after the advent of electronic media and the introduction of different social media platforms, it has been much easier for the public to ask a question regarding the personal lives of famous stars.

Every now and then, we witness questions popping up regarding the star’s personal life and the people around. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that the researchers are trying to satisfy these queries. In this article, you will get all the details regarding who is Andrew Santino wife.

Who is Andrew Santino?

An introduction with the person in question always eases the process and helps you better understand the personality details. Thus, if we talk about Andrew Santino, we will know that he is a famous actor who has been a part of several films and tv series. The details help us understand that his work is fascinating. Now you might be going through your memories to remember this name. So, let us help you out. Below we have mentioned a few projects of the star in question that will help you remember him.

  • Mixology
  • Sin city saints
  • I’m dying up here
  • The disaster artist

The career summary

The detail of eth career of Andrew Santino is very lengthy. So, let us give you an overall summary. Recently the star has been a part of the famous tv series Dave. He is the host and producer of “Whiskey Ginger”. This is a podcast where he interviews different personalities while sipping his whiskey. Thus, we can say that he has a perfect career profile that seems to get more stars with every passing day.

The career summary

Personal life details

The birth details

If we go through the available details, we will know that the star opened his eyes in this world on October 16, 1963. Thus, after making some calculations, we know he is 38 years old. Also, the place of birth is recorded as Chicago, Illinois. For those who want to know about the ethnicity of the famous star, then let us tell them that the star is ethnically white. Also, the nationality of the famous star is American.

Personal life details

Family details

Family details are always helpful in understanding the life of the person in question. But most of the time, it is witnessed that the stars who do not want to share such information keep their silence. Thus, in this case, we have no idea about the star’s parents. But according to the available information, we have been able to deduce the fact that the parents of the star are Italian- Irish in ethnicity. Other than that, we have no idea regarding the parents’ names and the siblings’ details too.

Andrew Santino Wife

Andrew Santino wife is a question trending on the internet. So, let us tell the general public that there are currently no details available that will help us understand the famous star’s marital status. Since the star has always kept his silence and not shared a single piece of information, we can say that finding details regarding his wife will be impossible. We do not even have any idea regarding the star’s past relationships. What we do know is that soon we will get some information in this regard.

Details not to miss

The physical aspects

Physical details play a vital role for a person who is associated with the entertainment industry. This is why if we look, we will come to know that Andrew Santino’s height is a frequently repeated question. Thus, if we look at the details, we will come to know that he is approximately 6 feet and 1 inch tall or, in other words, 185 cm. Also, if we talk about the second most important physical detail, the star’s weight, then we will come to know that his weight is 68 kgs, approximately 149 pounds.

The physical aspects

The academic portfolio

The educational profile is just as important as the career details of a person. Therefore, if we look, we will come to know that currently, there is no information regarding the early education of the star. Nor do we have the name of the institute that he attended. All we know about his academic portfolio is that he attended Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA. Even the details regarding his major during university are absent.

The list of the projects 

Since his early days, Andrew has left no stone unturned in ensuring he gives his best to the entertainment industry. This is why if we go through the available details, we will know that the number of projects Andrew performed is huge. Below we have mentioned a few names for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Crafty
  • Big on the Web
  • The Surf Report
  • Punk’d
  • The Office
  • Arrested Development
  • Family Tree
  • Children’s Hospital
  • Adam Devine’s House Party
  • Who Gets the Last Laugh
  • Deadbeat
  • Mixology
  • The League
  • How I Met Your Dad
  • Last Call with Carson Daly
  • Sin City Saints
  • The Sixth Lead
  • Conan
  • Roast of Justin Bieber Pre-Show
  • The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail
  • The Half Hour
  • American Dad!
  • Here’s the Rub
  • This Is Us
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden
  • Andrew Santino: Home Field Advantage
  • I’m Dying Up Here
  • Alone Together
  • Fam
  • Lights Out with David Spade
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Dave
  • Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

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Andrew Santino is one of the best actors this century has produced, and there is no doubt about it. Although we do wonder who is or will be Andrew Santino wife. This is the only question that needs answering. We hope that it gets resolved soon.


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