Tips on How to Make Your Kitchen Lively and Welcoming

Kitchen Lively and Welcoming

The kitchen is one of the most important and used spaces in every home. Yeah, it is where we get all the delicious and healthy meals for ourselves, family, and friends. And as you know, that appetizing meal should come from a well-kept place. As such, your kitchen should always look lively and welcoming. 

Your kitchen must always be clean, well-arranged, easy to move around, and fitted with all necessary equipment and appliances to make cooking comfortable. The good news is that you don’t need an entirely new kitchen or break the bank to achieve this, as there as several DIY ideas to help you out. Also, some old stuff and equipment can be remodeled or just painted to look new. For example, if you are near San Diego, California, you can get your kitchen cabinets refaced to look beautiful and updated, without spending much. 

As you plan to give your kitchen a facelift to make it look lively and welcoming, here are some tips to consider. 

Declutter the space 

Your kitchen may be full of stuff you don’t even need or use anymore, yet they are taking up more space. It is time you discard all those faulty electrical appliances, unused and old cooking wares, empty cans, etc. to free up your space. Freeing up your space gives you enough mobility and storage space.


Reflooring may be expensive, but if you have enough money, it wouldn’t be a bad idea especially if the flooring is very old. Replace the old tiles or vinyl in the kitchen with beautiful decorative ones that match your planned paint colors and other fittings.

Consider giving the area a nice paint

If your kitchen walls are not tiled, you can consider repainting. Painting does the magic of making old things look new. For a kitchen, you can choose white for the ceiling and your favorite color for the walls. With a little experience, you can do the painting work yourself after choosing the right colors. If your space is complex, consider hiring a professional painter. For tailed walls, you can wash to remove all stains or if you have enough resources, you can replace the tiles, especially if they are very old.

Get nice curtains

As you shop for your kitchen upgrade, don’t forget to also get nice curtains for the kitchen doors and windows. Most people hardly add curtains to their kitchen for obvious reasons; if your windows are direct to the sun, you may need to reduce the light intensity using a curtain. That aside, a nice blind curtain or shutter breathes some life into the space. You can consult a family member or friend to help you choose stunning curtains for your kitchen

Paint and reface the kitchen cabinet

If your kitchen cabinet is looking dated, never worry about replacing it except it has deteriorated beyond repairs. There are several ways you can update your kitchen cabinet, including giving it a new surface. With this, you would need to hire a professional to remove the old one before refacing it. The cost for cabinet refacing depends on the company you hire and the material to be used. If you have no problem with the surface, you can rather paint the wooden parts if it looks old or very stained. It is the cheapest way to do a cabinet makeover.

Does any appliance need replacement?

In freeing up your space, you may have removed all breakdown and faulty appliances, and they may need replacement. Some of your appliances may also be very old with a high energy consumption rate. This mostly applies to fridges, microwave ovens, blenders, kettles, etc. It, therefore, helps to replace all such gadgets. If you don’t have enough time to go shopping, you can order your new appliances online on any of the eCommerce

Let there be light

Lighting can make a lot of difference in your kitchen beautification. Enough light can make the kitchen look spacious and brighter. In choosing a light, go for something you can regulate to provide high, mid, and low lighting intensities. Some bulbs provide all these with just a press of a remote or switching it off and back on. Make sure what you buy is stylish enough to add beauty to your space.

Is the water flowing well?

You cannot cook without water, and after cooking, you will need water to do the dishes. But this simple task can become complex when there is inadequate or no water floor in the kitchen. First of all, if you have any water leakage problem, you need to fix it as soon as possible either by yourself or by hiring a plumber. Sometimes, the faucet may be the only problem, which is not expensive to replace. 

Check your sink

Is the sink fit for purpose, or you are just managing it? Now that the water is flowing well, you also have a look at the sink if you need to change it. This sometimes goes with changing the entire kitchen cabinet if it’s old. If in doubt, your plumber can help you out.


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