5 Tips on How to Thrift Like a Pro


Pre-loved items often get a second chance for a good reason. Thrifting tends to be fun for most people, so they use it as a form of a social outing. Thrifting is usually a sustainable way of shopping since it reduces dumping into the environment. However, thrifting can also be challenging, and it might be hard to find a good bargain. But with these five tips, you will be thrifting like a pro in no time.

1. Create a Thrift List

The worst mistake you can make is to walk into a West Hollywood thrift store without a clear goal in mind. This can be equated to going to the grocery store on an empty stomach. It may be doable, but is it really ideal? Thus, before you set out to go on a thrifting spree, you will need to prepare a list of the things you need based on what is already in your drawers or home.

This list will help you stick to your budget. Although the list will not stop you from buying a gem that you randomly find, it will prevent you from randomly buying things just because they are cheap.

Besides, buying just for the sake of buying will result in cluttering, and you will likely donate most of the items back to the thrift store in no time. As a rule of thumb, always refer to your saved pictures or fashion inspiration and coveted gems before making this list.

2. Have Your Measurements at Hand

Before you go thrifting, always make sure that you have your measurements right. Moreover, clothes’ sizes can be misleading, especially since different countries and eras have varying ways of marking sizes. For example, you will find that a size ten vintage dress may be bigger or smaller.

Therefore, knowing your size and carrying active measurements can reduce stress, especially if the thrift store has no fitting rooms available. This tip is beneficial when you are thrifting online since you cannot always accurately gauge sizes without comparing the measurements listed in the items’ description and your real measurements.

3. Finding Something You Love

When going thrifting, it is crucial to understand that getting something that you will love will take time. Thus, dedicating at least an hour to flip through every item will increase your chances of success. But to make the skimming process more manageable, it is always essential to have a color scheme in mind.

You need to be looking for items that will not just work with what you already have in your closet but will also compliment your skin, hair, and eye color. So, always be sure to go to the thrift store knowing the colors you have on regularly. Also, you will need to be aware of the different types of materials, so you know what to pick and what to avoid. For example, to-go-to materials include leather, silk, velvet, 100% merino wool, 100% cotton denim, corduroy, etc.

4. Sell or Donate Some of your Pre-Loved Items First

Selling or donating your pre-loved items is a great way to create space for new items. Also, it can be a way to expand your budget, especially if you have a big thrifting day coming ahead. In this case, you ought to look for thrift stores in West Hollywood that sell and also accept pre-loved items.

However, if you cannot find such, you can always choose to donate clothes that are too large, small, or have been worn for a while. This way, you will be helping other savvy thrift shoppers continue the thrifting cycle. Also, donating or selling these pieces is better for the environment than dumping them.

5. Look for Discounted or Sales Tags

Although thrifts are already a bargain, things can get better if the items are discounted further. To land such discounts, you can look for off-season items. For example, you can buy oversized and buggy jackets when going into summer. However, you will need to check the quality of the thrift items to ensure that they do not have irreparable damage, such as permanent stains and rips.

Thrifting is intended to be a fun experience. So, do not give up if you cannot find something to take home every trip you make to the thrift store. But if you have tried several times with no luck, you should consider the above tips.


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