Drayke Hardman Obituary

Drayke Hardman Obituary


Life is sometimes very cruel, and some incidents open our eyes to the truth of our modern society. The Drayke Hardman Obituary details will help you understand that there are several people out there in the modern world who are still living their lives in distress. These people’s life details help us understand that the claim of making the world a civilized place is nothing but a lie. Nothing of sorts exists in this world.

The world has still witnessed its peak of civilization, but till that day, we have many unwanted incidents to cover. This is not a pleasant thought at all. The details help us understand that the sector that is mostly affected by this factor is the youth of our world since we know that they are the future of humankind; therefore, some measures must be taken to preserve our youth. In this article, you will get to know every little detail regarding Drayke Hardman Obituary.

Drayke Hardman Obituary details

According to the available information, Drayke Hardman was a 12-year-old boy still in his school-going days. The details help us understand that the boy belonged to the Tooele County of Utah. But recently, news surfaced that let us know that the boy is no more. On the 10th of February 2022, this sad event occurred, and the lovely child left the world forever.

Drayke Hardman Obituary details

When you die or how you die

Every person who has entered the world will taste death one way or the other. It is not about when you die. It is how you die that makes a difference. The death details of a person tell you the complete story of a person’s life. Thus if we take a look, we will come to know that sometimes life takes a huge toll on you that you can not bear, so you tend to take your life to free yourself.

Thus, if we talk about Drayke Hardman, then we will come to know that his death was not something that can be regarded as a natural phenomenon. The child committed suicide.

The parents of the gone child

The details helped us understand that the names of the parents of the gone child are Andy and Samie Hardman. They are currently grieving their loss. But along with this, we are witnessing several other pieces of news that are quite astonishing. In an interview, the parents of the gone child have told the KUTV that someone on campus was bullying the child.

The incident from the week before his death 

Many people tend to object to how the family came to know about the bullying matter in the school. Thus, this question was also raised, and the parents of the child told that this matter was under consideration, and they were discussing it with the school’s authorities in this regard before the death of their son.

The incident from the week before his death 

Also, they mentioned a terrifying incident. They told that once their son returned home with a black eye. This event occurred just a week before his death. Although he did not share any detail regarding this matter with his parents, he told his sister that he suffered physical bullying in the school.

Committing suicide

The public could not even fathom understanding what was happening in the youngster’s mind and how terribly scared he was. He was so disappointed that he decided to miss the basketball practice that was supposed to be taken. As a result of missing this practice, he utilized this time to get away from the eyes of the public and commit suicide.

The parents perspective

The parents were devastated by the death of the young child. According to the statement of the mother of the late kid that she gave in an interview, she said: “Kids are going to be the kinds of kids that are going to do what they want, until they know that it’s not OK. I think that that’s where those hard conversations come from”.

Also, the parents told the media representatives that their child was very frightened to come forward with the name of the person who was exerting aggression upon him. Because he was frightened that there would be several repercussions of this decision.

The game’s love

The late kid was a huge fan of the sport of basketball. This is the reason why he was training harder. He missed his training on the last day of his life and committed suicide. The details help us understand that his father also shared a statement thanking their love and game that they were able to create a place in the heart of his kid. He said, “Our sweet 12-year-old baby boy passed away this morning after attempting to take his own life last night. He’s the biggest Utah Jazz fan. Thank you for making a bright spot in his heart”.

The game’s love

The trend of bullying

There are thousands of schools in all the parts of the world, and this number might touch the mark of millions helping us understand how education is spreading in the modern-day world, thus improving the literacy rate of the world. But this is not all. If we take a look at the environment of the institutions, then we will come to know that the trend of bullying is one of the worst trends that is part of almost every educational institute.

A look at the past

In the past, it has been witnessed that several people tried to commit suicide to get rid of the bullying. But on the other hand, some of those people too do not try to do so but keep on living under these hard terms. Although they are not happy, they have no other choice. The details help us understand that in most past cases, it has been observed that the sufferers do not come forward with the name of the oppressor.

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Drayke Hardman obituary details will help you understand that there are thousands of people going through hard times. But fighting should be the strategy, not suicide. We hope that we will be able to save more lives of people suffering from bullying in the future.


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