Which Online Games Are Best for Beginners?

Online Games Are Best

Are you looking to get into gaming online but are feeling overwhelmed by all the choices available? Fear not! Help is at hand in the form of a curated list of beginner-friendly digital games for PC, console and mobile.  Online Games Are Best 

And where can you access this list? Easy, just keep reading… 

The Value of Digital Games 

There was a time, just a few decades ago, when gaming was thought to be a very niche activity, largely played by droves of pimply youths. In 2022, however, the gaming industry as a whole has undergone a radical reshaping.  

Nowadays, there’s no such thing as a stereotypical gamer and digital technology has made it possible for developers to craft some truly magical gaming experiences.  

Mainstream gaming is huge and has contributed massively to the interactive entertainment industry. Every year, around 1,000 new titles are released across consoles and PC, and there are currently over 300 thousand gaming apps listed on Apple’s App Store. Gaming, truly, is accessible to anyone and everyone.  

In this article, we’ll be suggesting online games that you can play on a PC, console, or smartphone. All you need is a data connection and a device to play them on. 

Even if you’ve never held a gaming controller before, you’ll quickly be able to get to grips with all that these types of games have to offer.  

Puzzle Games 

To start with, let’s dive in to to puzzle games.  

A hugely popular gaming vertical, puzzle games have mass appeal. Not only are they some of the easiest games to start your gaming journey with, but the sheer variety of worlds, characters and stories you can enjoy playing a modern-day digital puzzle game is unsurpassed.  

Sure, you can access modern versions of classic puzzles online, but if you fancy playing something with a bit more soul, Old Man’s Journey on PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch is a good game to try out. Guide the main character on his trek across a gorgeous, Italian-esque landscape, completing simple yet engaging puzzles in the process.  

Casino Games  

Walking into a brick-and-mortar casino for the first time can be quite daunting, but digital platforms have transformed how we access and play these traditional games. This democratisation of casino gaming has also encouraged more diverse players to get involved and even pursue careers in the sector. Of course, you may not be harbouring any desire to turn pro, but casino games are nevertheless a great way to start off as a gamer.

Games like roulette are so familiar – thanks in no small part to their portrayal on the big screen – and, in their digital incarnation, they’re very beginner-friendly. Moreover, since operators offer a wealth of variants, the sector is enjoyable for gamers of all levels. In a typical online casino platform, you can expect to find several versions of roulette alone, including classic roulette, American or European rules roulette, and modern variations. 

Universal Games 

There are some types of games that could be categorised under several different verticals, appealing to different tastes and experience levels at the same time. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll refer to these as universal games, but within this group, you could find a game that’s at once a sandbox puzzler and a fantasy RPG.  

What makes these games so special is that you can simply get lost in them and while away the hours exploring the environment. Case in point: Stardew Valley.  

This game is adorable and surprisingly compelling too. While it seems simple enough – you build your farm, get to know the neighbours and explore the world around you – it’s also possible to increase the pace and get stuck into some exciting adventures.  

Mobile Games 

We couldn’t write an article talking about beginner-friendly online games without dropping in a few mobile titles too. After all, mobile is currently the highest-performing market in the global gaming industry and may even be the future of gaming.  

Contrary to the mobile games that we were playing in the early 00s, there’s a lot more than one type available this decade. Are you a fan of big-budget TV blockbusters like The Walking Dead? Well, there’s a mobile game based on that iconic series that’s just as absorbing. Or maybe you fancy checking out that battle royale game that everyone seems to be talking about.  

Even if all you’re looking for is a hyper casual game to keep you amused on your daily commute, with hundreds of thousands of games available across iOS, Android and tablet, there’ll be a mobile game or two out there that’s just right for you.  


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