Do You Qualify for Platelet Rich Plasma?


The body has an immense ability to heal itself, and the doctors and researchers analyzed this ability and came up with a strategy for speeding the healing process. They discovered that platelets are critical in regenerating worn-out tissue during the research. They also found that they could isolate the plasma from the blood and administer it to a patient who qualifies for the treatment. Today, various clinics offer treatment. The PRP Santa Monica offers treatment for healthy and ailing persons. 

Who Qualifies for the Treatment? 

  1.     Sport Injury

The treatment helps most sportspersons to get back and play their favorite game within the shortest time. Platelet Rich Plasma quickens the healing of most sport-related injuries even after undergoing surgery. 

  1.     Pain

Besides, if you have severe joint pain resulting from torn or worn-out tendons, tendonitis, or arthritis. The treatment triggers the regeneration of worn-out cells, thereby eliminating pain. If you suffer from knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, sacroiliac pain, lower back pain, and ankle and foot pain, you meet the treatment requirements. 

  1.     Beauty

Furthermore, if you are looking for more youthful skin, the doctor can recommend this treatment. The doctor will apply the Platelet Rich Plasma to your face using the microneedling technique. Your skin will receive healing properties that will boost collagen production, thereby leaving your skin looking young and glowing. 

  1.     Hair

You need this treatment if you do not have sufficient hair volume because of falling hair. The doctor identifies the areas affected by the hair loss or thinning and injects the Platelet Rich Plasma into the regions. This treatment stimulates the hair follicles allowing hair to grow in the areas. After some time, you will enjoy thick hair which you can style and feel confident. 

  1.     Sexual Wellbeing

Whether a man or a woman is looking for improved sexual health, this treatment will help you immensely. The doctor injects the Platelet Rich Plasma into the vagina and clitoris of the woman. If you are a man, the doctor will give you a shot at the shaft of the penis. The treatment stimulates the production of new blood vessels and nerve endings in the genitals, improving your sexual health and functioning. 

What to Expect During Treatment 

Once you visit the facility offering the service, the doctor will take down your medical history. Then you will undergo an in-depth examination that helps the doctor understand your health concerns and wellness goals. Then you will discuss it with the doctor and develop a plan that fully addresses your issue. The doctor will then draw blood from you and use a machine to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the other blood components. The doctor numbs the area where they will inject and performs the injection. You will receive advice on how to take care of the injected area and danger signs you ought to watch out for after the treatment. (

Whether you are in pain or in search of beauty, Modern Aesthetica offers you the treatment you require. Doctor Daniel Moghadam, MD, specializes in anti-aging and regenerative medicine with vast experience in platelet-rich plasma treatment. Head to their website and book an appointment now. 


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