Cryptocurrency Investment Methods


For an online casino player, having a secure financial means is vital. Amongst many investment ventures out there, cryptocurrency is fast becoming a lucrative and enticing one. Many betting sites are also engaging in cryptocurrency investments. You can find out which online casino is pro-cryptocurrency on soirishcasino. This guide will discuss several cryptocurrency investment methods you can try out.


Trading as a cryptocurrency investment method is as typical as trading in every other financial venture. You buy low, sell high and increase your profit margin as much as possible. The “HODLing” strategy for virtual currencies allows you to hold your coins for an extended period and then sell them when the price rises. However, the blockchain market is volatile, so prices decrease and increase in a dizzying manner short term. As a blockchain trader, you must be good at numbers and have nerves of steel to help you cope with the dramatic price changes. You must also have adequate technical and analytical skills, as you will need to analyze market charts to make accurate price predictions.

Trading virtual currencies can be short-term or long-term. Short-term involves day trading, while long term involves the buy-and-hold strategy. Day trading involves buying and selling coins every day regardless of the price changes. It can be quite profitable, especially when the market is favorable at a particular period. Strategies involved include shorting bitcoin, leverage trading, etc. You must have the fundamentals of an excellent trader to become successful at day trading. These fundamentals include:

  • Trade only what you can afford to lose.
  • Do not panic sell.
  • Avoid greedy transactions.
  • Don’t experiment with Demo accounts.
  • Use stop loss.

Short-term trading can be as lucrative as long-term if done with the right mindset. Long-term trading involves buying when the virtual currencies’ prices are low and selling when they rise.

2. Bitcoin Casino

The Bitcoin Casino is fast becoming a thing these days due to the popularity of cryptocurrency being a financial venture. You can now find several betting sites ready to transact with cryptocurrency alongside the traditional fiat currencies. This way, they can appeal to players from old and new generations. You will get the same benefits online casinos using traditional fiat currencies give to players. The only difference is that you get to deposit and withdraw with coins. It is a profitable financial venture since when you win bets or bonuses, they come in the form of coins. You can now trade these coins to make more wealth. 

You can go big by investing in a bitcoin casino as an entrepreneur. It is pretty popular these days, so there is a market. You can decide to create your online casino or invest in one. The bitcoin casino would be run like every other online casino, with high-quality bitcoin software and integrated payment systems.

3. Mining

When investing in virtual currencies, mining is one of the ways to earn more wealth. Mining is a critical part of virtual currency’s Proof of Work Mechanism. Through mining, a blockchain generates its value. Mining enables you to get new coins, which you can then trade or invest in a bitcoin casino. However, mining requires technical expertise and specialized hardware. You may need an upfront investment for the hardware, especially for a master node, a mining subset. Mining requires heavy computing from servers or mining rigs, and sometimes several servers come together to form a mining farm. The mining process is expensive but, if done right, can yield huge profits.

However, as virtual currencies get popular, overcrowding arises due to demands. More people are involved, meaning more energy and financial resources are required. It has made individual mining now inefficient and not lucrative. You will need to join a mining farm to have a shot at making profits through cryptocurrency mining.

4. Staking and Lending

Another profitable cryptocurrency investment method is staking and lending. These two terms may go together or stand alone. Staking is a method of validating blockchain-based transactions. When you stake, you own virtual currencies, which you don’t spend. Instead, you lock the coins in a blockchain wallet. Then a network in need of a Proof of Stake uses your virtual currencies to confirm its transactions, which allows you to earn rewards from it. The network uses your coins to verify its transactions and maintain security. In a nutshell, what you receive is like the interest a bank pays for your credit balance. Check out Polymesh staking as an example.

Being a Proof of Stake validator is based on an algorithm based on your committed coins for staking. In contrast to crypto mining, staking is more energy-efficient and allows you to do without owning expensive hardware. On the other hand, lending is the typical money lending, in this case, coin lending to investors and generating interest for the loan period. You may choose to stake and lend simultaneously or stake only or lend only depending on what feels suitable. There are many crypto lending facilities; however, beware of scammers.

5. Crypto Social Media

Yes, crypto social media is another investment method. There are blockchain-based social media platforms that reward you for creating cryptocurrency-based content. These contents include writing, creating infographics, YouTube videos, Instagram videos, etc. The dividends of this investment are in the form of the platform’s native coin. Sometimes these platforms request you to do certain microtasks to get rewards. These microtasks include app testing reviews, ad viewing, link clicking, watching videos, surveys, and many more. After completing these tasks, you get paid with cryptocurrency for your services. You can trade these coins or invest them using the other mentioned methods.


Many online casino customers are diving into the cryptocurrency world due to being a frontrunner for financial security. This guide provides information on the various cryptocurrency investment methods available. If you are also seeking to join the several virtual currency investors out there, you can find which method(s) is/are suitable for you.


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