19 Ways To Offer Life To Your Bland Living Room Walls

Living Room Walls

Looking for chic Living Room Walls decor ideas?

Those walls need an upgrade; a few adjustments and additions can do wonders!

Keep reading as we’ve shared great wall decor ideas that are beyond wallpapers and cliche wall paints.

Whether you’re a plant person, art collector, total trendsetter, or any other, you will love these ideas that are guaranteed to glamourize your walls!

Here we go.

1.Paint your favorite scenery with PortraitFlip

Your bare wall craves attention—mounting a beautiful scenic painting is a way to make that wall captivating!

It will drive positivity as you have a painting of your choice mounted on your favorite wall.

Pro tip: Go for a landscape painting that perfectly merges with your wall paint, units, shelvings, and other pieces of furniture to complete your decor.

Click here to get yourself a handmade landscape painting.

2.Try An Accent Wall

Wanna see your wall covered with artwork or creative pieces?

Before taking nails and a hammer, make sure you add depth to your walls.

Try an accent wall as it infuses playful colors, patterns, and textures – that will make your wall picturesque, and you’re ready to mount any artistic piece!

3.Install Shelving

Are you short on floor space for bookshelves?

Place a shelving unit next to your living room wall.

This way you will create a room to pass fresh air. Also, you can keep your valuables and collections in a much more organized way.

Also, installing shelves to your living room wall allows you to maximize the space you have. Your home won’t only look clean and neat but it’ll also make the entire space clutter and stress-free.

Lastly, shelving units which are installed correctly can improve the aesthetic appeal of your living room.

4.Display Woven Wall Hangings

This woven wall hanging won’t disappoint you! Especially, if you’re a fan of bohemian style!

It will add a texture to your plain surface and offer a vintage feel to it.

5.Opt For Statement Mirrors

Opt for functional yet sculptural mirrors for your blank living room wall.

They will reflect the light throughout the space, create an illusion of furniture and collections, and act as artwork on walls.

6. Mount Antique Elements

Go for traditional wall decor over modern one as it’s still in the rage!

It defines how accepting and welcoming your personality is.

Also, this adjustment will look impressively unique and bring distinctive features to your walls!

So, if you want a vintage wall décor for your living room, you may want to consider wall art prints for your home. For example, if you have a favorite icon from the mid-century like Marilyn Monroe, it can be a good idea to hang a wall art print of their portrait right on your wall. 

Aside from wall art prints, you can also incorporate antique elements through posters. If you’re a movie fanatic, for instance, you can decorate your living room wall with beautiful movie posters used in the mid-century for the movie promotion.

7.Go, Greener

Are you one of those who love to stare at windows from inside the house?

It feels blissful to have your plants yield flowers due to your constant effort.

Bring some of them inside and mount them on your wall as showpieces.

Opt for a high-quality faux plant that requires minimal maintenance and sunlight, and make your wall greener and more serene!

8.Add A Textured Map

This wall decor idea will explain how passionate you’re about traveling.

A black texture map looks flawlessly beautiful on a white plain surface.

It showcases your wanderlust, love for black and white, and refreshes your bland walls!

9.Put Rug On Walls

Putting rugs on walls has been common in western countries as they serve the same purpose when they were used on floors.

Try out this chic wall decor idea as they glamourize your bare wall, absorb noise, and add the much-awaited texture that was missing in the past!

10.Add Lighting

Brighten up your dead wall with the right placement of lighting.

Creating a silhouette effect is the way to go!

It creates a whimsical vibe and makes your living room wall elegant.

There are many lighting options to choose from for your living room wall. 

For example, you can install plaster wall lights to come up with a great atmospheric background. They blend perfectly with the ceiling lights in your living room. 

If you want your room to have a relaxing aesthetic, you can add modern wall lights with fabric shades. You can also use wall lights with glass shades if you want to give your living room wall a playful effect.

11.Install Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

It’s a no-brainer wall decor idea!

Installing it can cost you some extra bucks. However, you get more natural light, more visual access to natural beauty, and make a small house look more spacious. (Meta-Calculator)

12.Think Of Walls Decorated With Hats

There is always room for showcasing your finery and collections despite having limited space!

You can turn your walls into closets by installing hooks or pegboards to hang hats in a cluster.

Another idea is to hold the hats on rope with wooden clothespin to come up with a unique and beautiful wall decoration. 

You can also try grouping a mix of hat styles if you want to create an amazing and fun statement wall in your living room.

13.Showcase A Tapestry

Instead of thinking much about space, you can choose a tapestry for your small house.

This is the time to pick artistic style over any random wall decor ideas.

The scarves will add a vintage feel and make the living space magical!

14.Paint A Mural

Let your walls do the talking!

Either you hand-paint it or hire professional painters, the mural painting will never disappoint you.

It’s a modern way to make your wall interesting and can garner everyone’s eyeballs!

15.Hang Polaroids

Are you short on space and budget?

If yes, then this simple wall decor idea can make a sizable difference.

You have plenty of options when it comes to Polaroids—you can hang your friends, family, or pets’ pictures on your walls.

16.Create A Basket Wall

With an assortment of baskets, you can add interest to any bland walls.

It’s up to you whether you want to pick the already bought basket or get colorful ones from the market for your blank walls.

17.Mount Your Television

Mount a flat-screen TV set on your wall that covers a wide area of the living room.

It will update the entire look and offer a feel with its ambient mode.

The right placement is above the media cabinet on a plain surface.

19.Mount Antlers

You don’t necessarily need a fireplace to have antlers mounted above it.

A small house but a wide plain wall appreciates antlers as it offers a playful feel!

Make it captivating by mounting it in the center and sconces on both ends.

19.Mount Decorative Plates

Decoration of living room walls won’t be expensive if you plan to mount plates.

Decorative plates possibly match living room walls with certain adjustments and stylistic directions.

It’s an edge if you have a fireplace, a Shabby chic interior, or a room packed with modern yet sleek furniture.

Final Note

We have touched upon different home decor ideas.

We’ll suggest you always think of out-of-the-box ways, and go for the ones that amplify your vibe!

Repainting or mounting pictures on walls sounds great!

However, adorning walls with a landscape or pet painting will make your space stand out!

Think of it…

Talking about wall decor ideas, we wanted to know which idea have you found winning?

Let us know in the comment section!


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