Luxury Perfumes In Unique Pricing


Everyone desires to look good and smells great, but obviously, you have to use some perfumes for smelling good to make it long-lasting there is a need to retouch it after every few hours for keeping your body refreshed and smelling great, there are some branded perfumes that are long-lasting enough that you need only one or two touches in a day. 

There are many items available as an alternative to perfumes like deodorant, and body spray but all these have their separate effect for preventing sweating we use deodorant and anti preparing agents but despite using all these we always need perfume for the long lasting smell.

You can get your favorite perfume of a particular brand online or in stores but these are costly enough that it’s very difficult to refill or restocked. 

Particularly for any perfumes lover getting the right brand of their favorite perfume is so wholesome. There are even some replicas or dupes of different branded perfumes but they cost almost the same just like the original one then they are not even the same as their original perfumes.

Luxury perfumes of dossiers:

  • There is a Canada-based company called dossier that emerge in the heaven of perfumes with their dupes but in premium quality and also exactly similar to their original perfumes that it will be very difficult to differentiate between original and dupe one. 
  • So dossiers make it easy for perfume lovers to get hands-on with their favorite branded perfumes but at a very low price, the pricing strategy to be kept in mind is to reduce the overall cost of the product. 
  • They do not use the conventional method of advertisement for selling  their branded perfumes but use simple promotion thus it cut the cost of modeling. 
  • The packaging is made up of simple wooden material to make it recycle able and environment friendly thus it also cut the overall pricing of the product and makes it more reasonable and easy to buy for perfumes lovers. 
  • Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille dupe is  very popular among Men, you can say once you use them you will become addicted to their use this is due to their seductive tobacco smell. Dossier launched this product with brand name powdery tobacco that reflects its smell.
  • Dossier products are very simple yet elegant they preserve traditional aesthetics and original notes of the perfume, which contributes to their low cost but designed so well by their highly professional team. It still imparts the impact of luxury perfume.
  • Luxury perfumes at low prices aren’t amazing and unique. 
  • Powdery tobacco simply reflects the seductive tobacco notes with seat honey touch and these notes blended Harmoniously with each other to give an amazing lavish perfume smell.
  • Once you wear it many people would ask you about the brand and will assume if it is original, you can now gift them to your loved ones as a beautiful gesture of love and care for them. 
  • You can layer them to make them long-lasting, there are many other brands of dupes and you can combine them or layer them to get the unique refreshing smell. 

Why dossier products are unique?

  • The dossier is the name of the trust, their goal to increase their purchase is to build trust in people in their customers for doing so they are very open about the preparation of perfumes the process is very simple, but as the active ingredient, they used for  their perfumes are exactly like original so it helps them to design the exact dupes of perfumes.
  • Dossiers try their best to design and launch eco-friendly products to reduce environmental pollution, as rapid urbanization is adding to pollution in our environment and making it more vulnerable not only to human beings but also to another living beings. 
  • So dossier is contributing its parts in reducing pollution by designing eco-friendly products, the glass bottle of perfumes are also recycled able,  moreover they reduce the plastic usage. 
  • There are no testers of their products as perfumes are very personal and testers increase plastic usage so in this situation it reduces plastic content in their product and values the emotional attachment of buyers to their perfumes. 
  • They will not encourage you to get any of the brands but it’s your choice to get your hands on your favorite perfume dupes. 


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