Not Only Gallery Walls: Cool Ways to Display Canvas Prints (+ a Discount Code)

Display Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a simple personalised canvases but effective option to brighten up and beautify your space. Unlike canvas paintings, which are a completely separate art form, all you need to make a canvas print is an inkjet printer – or a respected printing provider. And the best thing is that you don’t need to be an interior decorator to decorate with canvas prints professionally – whether you choose to reserve a spot on your living room wall for your favourite images or use your favourite Display Canvas Prints to get the style you want.

Here are some suggestions and ideas to help you express your creative side for Display Canvas Prints. The devil is in the details. Decorate small corners and spots in your home to show yourself in bits and pieces, and bring your blank walls or hallways into life with these unique ideas using canvas prints.

After you’ve selected your photographs and the measurements of your prints on canvas, the following step is to hang them suitably. However, hanging your canvas print isn’t as simple as hammering a nail into the wall. There are some points to consider about before, but they’re all quite straightforward. So let’s get started with Display Canvas Prints!

Make a Big Statement with Large Prints

Assess the location where you want to hang your work and purchase the canvas size that matches to the dimensions of that space. A decent rule of thumb is that artwork should occupy 50% to 75% of the existing wall space. Draw an unseen line in the middle of the wall or just the area you’re covering to create a nice balance in an arrangement consisting of artwork of different size, and ensure you don’t add far too much weight on either side of it.

To create a point of focus, hang the largest, most significant pieces first, either in the middle or near the bottom of the design. Then, moving outwards, add smaller pieces. As your collection expands, you can modify the arrangement. To keep it all together, use the same colour or style at least once.

A gallery wall display, which is a mix of framed or unframed art, pictures, collages, or posters, is another option. The classic look of gallery walls never goes out of style. The best part is that you may make one that is completely unique to you and awakens feelings and memories that enhance the beauty and vibrancy of your home design.

Spruce Up a Neglected Space with a Stairway Gallery

Inspire anybody strolling up or down the stairway and entice passers-by with your artwork and decor choices. Before you begin, identify if you have a floating or L-shaped staircase with landings, and how much wall area is accessible. You should acquire precise measurements of your wall area to ensure that your artwork is not hung too high. In addition, divide your wall space by the overall pieces you wish to show. This will make it easy to arrange your artwork in a way that allows it to flow smoothly and appeal to the eye.

When it comes to organizing photos in your staircase, picking a theme can help bring all of the different works of art together to form a greater masterpiece. Using a theme does not really mean everything must be same in terms of size and color, but that’s fine too! Be clever with the layout’s shape to provide an extra layer of interest. Consider how all of the single pieces of art might look when grouped in a triangular pattern in your stairwell. You might also try arranging the artwork in patterns other than the traditional rectangular shape if you have a high, vertical wall near a stairway landing.

Don’t be afraid to hang extra-large artwork in your stairwell for Display Canvas Prints. Make a big impression with a single massive piece of picture art, or layer smaller pieces around it. Try placing your images in vibrant, colorful frames on gloomy staircases with little natural daylight. Experiment around with the arrangement on your floor before hanging your work on the walls. Once you’ve found a plan you like, stick the paper to your walls with painter’s tape and leave it up for a few days to see whether it’s what you want.

Not Only Gallery Walls: Cool Ways to Display Canvas Prints (+ a Discount Code)

Don’t Forget About Inside Corner Walls

The room’s corners it’s not the first area that comes to mind for displaying artwork, but it’s a fantastic alternative if the room’s main focus point is already taken. The influence on your space is also different; instead of bringing your attention to the room’s previous focal point, it’s attracted to the corner, which becomes the new focal point. The benefit of displaying your artwork in this manner is that you can display works of various sizes.

Explore the Beauty of Leaning Art

Leaning art is becoming as trendy as the conventional hammer-and-nail technique of hanging art these days. One of the most appealing aspects of leaning art is the freedom to express yourself freely. You can layer larger or smaller parts together.

Layering artwork adds depth and dimension to your selections and may bring a lot of visual intrigue to any space. It converts a regular bookcase into an installation piece in an instant. If you have an area with unusual proportions or a space that just doesn’t look complete, leaning a few statement pieces in the space may help you address your design problems. And canvas prints are just perfect for this decoration technique – wrapped over inner frames, they are naturally substantial and can be simply leaned against any vertical surface.

Display your Art in a Shelf

Do you have an old bookshelf that you’re unsure how to use? Rather of keeping it, use it to display your new artwork! Based on the scale of your bookshelf, you can show one or more pieces of art on each shelf. You can put another decoration alongside your new wall art without risking clutter because you’ll be employing something that gives the wall definition and depth. This strategy is ideal for any area with limited wall space, as well as for maximizing storage space in apartments.

Not Only Gallery Walls: Cool Ways to Display Canvas Prints (+ a Discount Code)

Mix and Match Prints

Thorup says, “Don’t be scared to mix and match frames. Because most residences have a mixture of textures, hang what you want and let the rest go. Everything works out in the end!” Canvas prints looks attractive with variety of other textures and paintings. Experiment with whatever you like depending up on your space and choice.

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