How Old Is Tanjiro From the Demon Slayer

How Old Is Tanjiro From the Demon Slayer

Anime has a huge fan base in Japan and worldwide. If you are an Anime fan, you must have heard about demon slayer. It is among the most popular Anime series ever created. The two-season series is so popular you can easily find details about all the characters in multiple blog posts or videos on YouTube. Here we will tell you all about Tanjiro, how old is Tanjiro, and much more facts about the character!

We found most people were searching how old is Tanjiro? What is his role? And many other details about the main characters in the series.

Even we were interested to know the correct information about our favorite Anime characters.

So, we searched the internet, scrolled many websites, and read many resources to bring this article for you.

We thoroughly checked the information to bring you all the major details about our main characters from the Demon slayer, Tanjiro and Nezuko.

If you are interested to know how old is Tanjiro? All other details, and if you are searching for a reliable source of information, then read till the end.

You will get all your answers. We performed extensive research to bring this information to you. Let’s quickly start with the details without wasting more time.

Who is Tanjiro Kamado?

Tanjiro is the fictional main character from the famous Anime series Demon slayer. As per Wikipedia, Tanjiro Kamado is the protagonist in Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The series represents him as a teenager who goes on a quest to restore the humanity of his sister, Nezuko.

Her sister is turned into a demon after Muzan Kibutsuji kills his family. The same demon killed his relative, too, in the next attack.

After encountering Giyu Tomioka, a demon slayer, Giyu recruited Tanjiro to become a demon slayer to help his sister turn human again and take revenge on his family.

Besides the Anime series, Tanjiro has also appeared in a novel that acts as a prequel to the manga.

Gotouge created Tanjiro based on a suggestion from their editor to have a colorful main character who would stand out in his dark narrative.

The design was influenced by Himura Kenshin from Nobuhiro Watsuki’s manga Rurouni Kenshin when deciding how our main character Tanjiro should look.

Tanjiro’s character has been well received by manga and anime critics because of his caring nature and deep relationship with his sister and being a strong fighter.

Due to these reasons, the character has received multiple awards based on his popularity.

How old is Tanjiro from Demon Slayer?

Do most people want to know how old is Tanjiro? So here it is. Demon Slayer is two-season series, and the age of Tanjiro has been growing since the first season.

In the beginning, Kamado is 13 years old, but due to a time skip between episodes 2 and 3, Tanjiro turns 15. He will continue to age and become mature in the other season to come.

Tanjiro is mature and saves his sister from demons at such an early age. It would be interesting to see what he does when he becomes an adult.

Who created Tanjiro’s character?

The idea of Tanjiro Kamado originated from Koyoharu Gotouge’s ideas involving a one-shot with Japanese motifs.

Reports say that their editor Tatsuhiko Katayama was worried that the one-shot crusade would be too dark for the young demographic and asked Gotouge if it’s possible to write another type of the main character who would be “brighter.” But it never happened.

Also, the team didn’t give Tanjiro a scar or earrings in the initial design. But in the end, they felt these features stressed the character.

If you watch the same series in China, Tanjiro’s design was slightly altered. That’s because the piercings had Rising Sun-style elements. The team feared that it would offend the mainland leading to quick retouches to the Tanjiro’s look.

The voice behind Tanjiro

If you watched a dubbed version, then it’s the audio of the local translator, but Natsuki Hanae gave the original voice to the character in Japanese.

Hanae said that recording the voice for Tanjiro was easy because he says what he thinks and is not among the type that thinks one way and other things.

Who is Nezuko?

Nezuko is Tanjiro’s sister and another main character from the Anime series Demon Slayer. She is a young girl with appealing features.

As per Wikipedia, Nezuko was transformed into a demon after the incident that killed her entire family.

Despite being a demon, she still shows signs of human emotion and thought. After meeting with Giyu Tomioka, a demon slayer, Tanjiro (her brother) begins his quest to help his sister turn into a human again.

We guess that the team created Nezuko’s character to make Tanjiro a more innovative character due to her identity being a demon.

She is also a famous character in the Demon Slayer fanbase, appearing in an issue of the Weekly Playboy magazine.

How old is Nezuko?

We have seen a pattern in that people ask how old is Tanjiro? Also wants the age of his sister, Nezuko. So, we added it here.

She is among the youngest character in Demon Slayer as she is only 12 years old at the beginning of the story when she is turned into a demon.

Nezuko took a break after two years of training to recharge. If she was a human, she must be 14 years old at the beginning of the series, but as demons don’t age, she is still 12 years old.

Who created Nezuko’s character?

Mangaka Koyoharu Gotouge created Nezuko’s character to make Tanjiro’s character more unique.

Nezuko would be a demon, and Tanjiro cannot bring himself to hate the demons he faces; instead, he finds himself in a zone of morality.

Sources said that the author’s editor and other team members said thank you as the manga took a more innovative narrative that easily engaged the readers.

Creating Nezuko’s character was challenging for the team because she was second in the lead, and her actions would directly impact Tanjiro’s character. But the creator managed it very well.

The voice behind Nezuko?

Akari Kitō is a Japanese voice actor who gave Nezuko’s original voice in Japanese. Later it was translated to multiple languages for worldwide release.

Kitō said that Natsuki Hanae (Tanjiro’s voice actor) is like her big brother at the studio. He is supportive, and if there are parts that she has difficulty recording, Hanae would stay and try to help her until she finishes, even though he has done his part. Hanae said he also thinks of Kitō as a younger sister.

What is the demon slayer about?

Now we know how old is Tanjiro Kamado? And many other details about our main characters. Let’s find out more about the famous series.

Demon Slayer is a Japanese anime tv series based on a manga series of the same name. Koyoharu Gotouge wrote and illustrated it.

The series depicts the story of a teenage kid Tanjiro who falls victim to demons. In an attack, demons killed his entire family and took away her young sister. Later, they converted her into a demon too.

In the next attack, demons killed his relatives to leave the little Tanjiro with nothing but anger, a feeling of revenge, and hope that he would somehow find and turn his sister into a human.

Tanjiro is left with nothing, so he tries to find people for help, and luckily, he finds Giyu Tomioka, a demon slayer who recruits him to become a demon slayer to take his revenge and sister back.

The entire series is full of action and drama. People loved every aspect of the series, be it characters, voiceovers, storyline, or graphics.

Everything is stunning and made it a worldwide hit that most people end up searching how old is Tanjiro from demon slayer? Because he looks small but does the biggest task that even adults are afraid to do.

Total seasons and episodes

Demon slayer is three-episode series. The first season was released on April 6, 2019, the second season on October 10, 2021, and the latest season three is set to be released in 2023

As of now, there is no confirmed date or trailer for the release, but we guess the team will release it soon because Demon Slayer got a huge fan base, and most people are desperately waiting for the latest season. All we can do is wait for the announcement.

Famous characters

Apart from Tanjiro and Nezuko, the series includes some more important characters that make the story interesting. Some of these characters include:

Zenitsu Agatsuma

He is older than Tanjiro. Zenitsu Agatsuma doesn’t generally come across because his natural temper is to flee. The catch is that he doesn’t always show his powers, and Agatsuma is far from capable of a weapon.

Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke Hashibira has a habit of jumping into battle without thinking. That’s because he is a strong warrior capable of taking care of himself. However, he overestimates his abilities. At times he tends to drop himself in boiling water. Most of the time, you will find him challenging anyone who could match him in combat.

Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao is a female character who got large, gentle-looking pink eyes and a thin black ponytail. She came from a rough upbringing, and she completely closed herself off as a method of self-preservation. For a long time, Kanao showed little to no emotion, and she refused to make any decisions for herself. She leaves such matters to others or chance.

Genya Shinazugawa

Genya has seen his siblings being murdered by his demonized mother. Also, he saw his only surviving brother, Sanemi, kill his mother. He is another character somewhat similar to Tanjiro. But Genya is a strong fighter and has the talent to absorb demon abilities.

Sanemi Shinazugawa

He looks crazy and not someone to be messed around with. Shinazugawa’s psychotic nature seems like it’d be enough to freeze any enemy coming in his way.

Giyu Tomioka

Giyu keeps things close and believes others should follow suit. As a child, Giyu’s sister saved him by sacrificing her life. He was a disturber kid attempting to inform people of what happened but being hated by the people.

Where can you watch Demon Slayer?

We found some resources claiming that you can watch Demon Slayer on Netflix. Yes, you can, but only for season one. That too arrived after the worldwide release. To watch all the series Dragon slayer episodes, browse Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.

These are all premium platforms that charge you subscription fees to browse the content posted on their website. If you are not a member, we recommend trying Funimation, as the website got a leading pack.

Will Dragon Slayer have more seasons?

If you are searching for how old it is Tanjiro? Then we are pretty sure you are interested in further seasons of the series.

So, your wait will be over in 2023 because their team has announced the following season will be aired next year. The exact date is yet to arrive.

However, there are no updates about season 4 or season 5. We guess they will update it after the release of season 3.

Let’s see what happens. We can already see the excitement among people to watch season 3 in online comments; what do you think?

How Old Is Tanjiro From the Demon Slayer

Final thoughts

With this article, we wanted to make you aware of how old is Tanjiro? And all other important details, information, and characters related to the series.

Dragonslayer is an entertaining series that includes a dark side. You will find scenes of a dragon eating your favorite character’s loved ones that will make you full of rage, but in the next scenes, it balances the situation by showing a positive side.

You will find the characters are rising to take revenge, which makes the entire plot very interesting.

It is a fantastic fictional series where you will connect to the characters and hope for a happy ending. But there is a lot of drama in between that keeps you engaged. If you haven’t watched the series yet, it’s time you should.

Do we hope now you know how old is Tanjiro and other important details? Still, got questions? Please leave them in the comments.


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