Myths and Misconceptions of Brow Lift


A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a cosmetic procedure that raises the brows to remove the appearance of forehead wrinkles and ease frown lines. The operation can remove excess fat, tighten your forehead area muscles, and correct sagging brows. A brow lift can also help keep your eyebrow alert and youthful. You can combine a San Francisco brow lift with a facelift and neck lift to revitalize the overall face. Despite the process being effective and efficient, people have come up with many myths about a brow lift, and below are some.

Brow lift makes you look surprised.

You may change your decision to have a brow lift if you hear people saying the technique makes you look shocked. Some patients experience a surprised look because of swelling as an immediate result of the surgery. The swelling fades with time erasing the shock, and the process lifts your brow and reshapes your forehead. The removal of wrinkles smoothens your forehead giving you a more relaxed appearance.

Botox is better than a brow lift.

Although Botox is a non-surgical lift, brow lift outweighs many benefits. For example, a brow lift will give long-lasting results compared to Botox. Botox delays your chances of having surgery. You might find yourself having a surgical brow lift after Botox.

It is better to have a complete facelift.

A full facelift is essential if you have any sagging skin on the neck or face. A brow lift will reduce wrinkles and frown lines and raise brows giving your perfect results reviving the appearance of your forehead and eyes.

Brow lift ruins the hairline.

A brow lift may involve incisions if you have a high hairline. Your scars will remain unnoticeable after a brow lift. The surgeons have high skills to carry out the surgery without or with minimal interference of the hairline. Chances of scarring are minimal.

A brow lift has to lift the eyebrows.

A brow lift reduces signs of aging in the eyebrows and forehead area. You can achieve your desired results without lifting your eyebrows. Before you take the procedure, your surgeon will discuss your interests and the results you want to achieve and determine the best process fit. For instance, you may have a brow lift addressing bagginess and folds around the eyes while allowing your eyebrows to remain intact.

A brow lift is only for women.

Although women are more concerned about looks, men have adopted brow lifts to eliminate aging effects. Brow lift leaves you with a smooth forehead making you look more attractive. Frown lines and wrinkles make someone look old. A brow lift will remove them, giving you a youthful look that makes it easier for men to adopt it.

Brow lift works for everyone.

Not everyone is fit for a brow lift. The surgery does not fit people with underlying medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Some people are not ideal for brow lifts as the side effects outweigh the benefits. It would help if you discussed the medical conditions you have with your doctor before any surgery.

Visit your specialist to determine if a brow lift is fit for you.


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