Reasons Why Your Chromebook Wont Turn On

chromebook wont turn on

Our everyday lives depend on multiple electronics, making our tasks more manageable. Technology offers us such items to assist us in our jobs and businesses. Now suppose you find out your Chromebook wont turn on, and you have to connect to a meeting immediately. What do you do?

Things like the Chromebook have made a significant impact in the global market. As many use this item to perform their job, it is necessary to take care of it.

After all, many face the issues of an electronic item not working correctly after a specific time. The Chromebook is a laptop with an operating system called Chrome OS.

These days tend to use this device instead of a laptop for its efficiency and user-friendliness. These work individually as a tab and as a notepad or laptop with a detachable keyboard.

Carefully using this device is necessary, as any electronic product can have issues. Problems occurring from overuse, negligence of proper care, or physical damage to the device can be harmful.

Often it has problems like malfunctioning, lagging, or not running for the necessary amount of time. Many have the issue where their Chromebooks wont turn on and work properly. This is usually a booting or a battery problem but can be due to other reasons.

In that case, you need to do specific steps to turn it on again. We will guide you to the correct procedure to fix the device if your Chromebook wont turn on. Alternatively, you can also take it to the service center if you require a safer and more satisfactory repairing procedure.

What is a Chromebook

A Chromebook, also called a Chrome notebook is similar to a lightweight laptop. But unlike regular laptops, it has a different operating system called the Chrome OS. Like how a MacBook has Mac OS, the Chromebook uses Chrome OS.

These days, there are many Chromebook users as its advanced operating system and interface allow more flexibility.

It is more user-friendly and works efficiently, but it has some limitations, just like any other device. There are certain limits to what applications and software it can run. But it offers excellent browsing and surfing experiences.

There are many options for entertainment and surfing, which is relatively user-friendly. Documents typing and editing are also available on this device.

But a bare reminder, no Microsoft Office package is installed as the Chromebook doesn’t support those applications.

chromebook wont turn on

Alternatively, you can use Google’s cloud-based office suite that gives the same typing and editing features. The battery life is also good as it lasts for 8-10 hours.

If the battery has issues, the Chromebook wont turn on properly, or the charge won’t last that long. It would help if you were cautious about what application or software you are running as it has some limitations.

If you are running many applications at once, it will show issues that may damage the device in the long run. This is because every device’s battery has its respective limits.

This device can run up to 8-10 hours on a single charge, regarding that you have a medium use. But the bright side is that you can use a wide range of applications, including Android apps.

The Chrome OS supports Android apps as Google added this feature back in 2016. The Chrome OS offers users a refreshing experience, especially Android device users. The UI element makes it highly familiar for you to connect your phone to a monitor.

Additionally, Chromebooks are relatively cheaper than costly Windows laptops and MacBooks. So it is way more affordable, and thus many own it. However, the premium and powerful Chromebooks cost more as it offers more features and options.

Many brands like Google, HP, Acer, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, and more make Chromebooks. So taking the necessary care for this delicate and valuable device is required. Most brands like HP, Acer, or Samsung provide good Chromebooks, but you may often face issues like your Acer Chromebook wont turn on.

You need to be careful with these situations and take the necessary steps to prevent them. This device, too, has some limitations, and one should use it carefully.

Although this device has almost all Google Play Store apps, the issue is you can’t run all Windows apps. The service tries to provide an alternative to apps’ deficiency, but it is often not enough. Thus, the overall app support experience is not that much, and overrunning apps can have issues on your device.

Another thing is gamming is virtually impossible on such a device. Chromebook doesn’t support anything other than Android applications. Thus, high graphic PC games are not supported. But even some Android games like PUBG and Call of Duty are also not supported on the Chrome OS.

Reasons why your Chromebook wont turn on

The beneficial factors of any device can be good if used within limits. Overusing your Chromebook can show issues in it like power problems and lags. But not to be concerned about only the usability of this device, as overuse will not always cause problems.

Sometimes there are other reasons like malfunctioning in some internal parts of the device that causes issues. So if you have an HP Chromebook and you wonder why your HP Chromebook won’t turn on, there can be multiple reasons.

The primary thing is to identify the problem and why it is not turning on. Usually, it is due to a battery issue that the battery cannot hold the charge. But there can be other reasons as well, as some internal malfunctioning.

So it is recommended to buy your Chromebook only some big and trusted brands like Samsung, HP, or ASUS. But this does not mean if you believe your Chromebook is from a renowned brand, it won’t show problems. For example, you can buy an Asus Chromebook; you can still have issues like your ASUS Chromebook wont turn on.

The best way to deal with such issues is to identify the root of the problem. Now there are four primary reasons why your Chromebook wont turn on. The first of which is the battery, as the reason for your Chromebook not turning on is a power issue.

Perhaps the battery cannot hold the necessary charge to run the device. People often face their Chromebook turning off with only minor use in this scenario. This device usually runs for many hours, 8-10 hours.

In this case, you can face issues like turning off after a couple of hours or even minutes. So the battery may be the issue here. The battery charger can also be the reason for this, as it might be malfunctioning and not charging the battery correctly.

Another reason is the issue with internal hardware malfunctioning. If some board, wiring system, or disk inside your device is having an issue, your Chromebook might not work correctly.

chromebook wont turn on

For you, it is virtually impossible to understand what internal issues it was causing the problem. But the technical professional at the service center can figure out the problems. Besides internal hardware, issues in the external hardware interface can also cause this problem. External damage to the device can be the reason for this power issue.

Dropping your Chromebook from a height or getting it hit in an accident can damage the device.

Finally, another popular reason for Chromebook not turning on is the Chrome OS issue. Sometimes the user interface causes various problems like lagging or, in this case, power issues.

This is, of course, a software issue and not a hardware problem. So when running multiple applications and software, you should be aware that you are not overusing your device. It would help if you were mindful that running multiple applications can also cause such issues.

How can you fix Chromebook not turning on

Any electronic device can cause problems depending on its use and brand. But even if you buy your Chromebook from a reliable brand like ASUS, Samsung, HP, or others, you can still have issues.

One of the most common issues is if the Chromebook is not turning on. There are multiple ways to fix these issues, and we discuss them:

Solving the charging issue

One of the reasons that your Chromebook is not turning on is the battery issue. Perhaps your charger cannot charge your Chromebook battery properly, causing the problem.

In that case, checking the charging port and the charger itself is necessary. You should check if your charger is charging your device.

Monitor the tiny LED lights near the charging port and check if it’s glowing. Depending on the manufacturer, it will be a light orange or blue light, which indicates that it is charging.

If the LED light is visible or blinking, leave your device plugged in for 3 or 4 hours. After that, try turning it on to see if it works.

Suppose it doesn’t, try using another charger and repeat the process. Alternatively, you can change your internal battery if there are any issues. Maybe your chargers are good, and your Chromebook battery is malfunctioning.

Performing a hard restart or reseating your Chromebook

Another basic solution to the power issue is to restart or reset. Usually, the device is on in many cases as it shows its little lights on or blinking.

But the screen is black and is not responding. In such cases, you might need a quick restart which you can achieve by holding down the power button.

If this doesn’t work, that alternative is a hard reset. You can do a hard reset by simultaneously holding down the refresh key and power button. This clears the Chromebook’s RAM and catches any error causing issues to the OS for the booting system.

Removing any external devices connected to the Chromebook

Sometimes, we plug in external devices like pen drives, cables, and other USB devices. Sometimes programs and applications present in these external devices mess with the Chrome OS.

This can be one of the reasons that your Chrome OS is not responding, and the screen is in black. Try removing and ejecting all the USB devices connected to the Chromebook. After that, do a simple restart by holding down the power button, which might do the trick.

Deleting unwanted applications

The whole concept of the Chromebook is that it acts as a side device to others like laptops or MacBooks. So naturally, this does not support every application and is undoubtedly not for gaming.

Too many apps can cause problems like lagging and making the system slow. As the overall application support is not that fast, overuse of this device can slow. This can, in turn, cause the operating system to go down and not respond.

Excessive applications installed in the system can have the system too heavy to run, and it consumes a lot of memory and makes the user interface slower. Thus, removing any unwanted application is the logical solution here. This will prevent your operating system from crashing and will run the system smoothly.

chromebook wont turn on

Signing in as another user

Another common reason that causes Chromebook not to open is the syncing problem. This issue is mainly the OS booting time as the Chrome OS is booting, but you cannot access the system.

Your Chromebook is on, but you cannot log into the account to the user interface. In that case, signing into another account is the only option. This will fix the issue that causes any syncing problems between your Chromebook and your Google account.

Updating your operating system

One of the most straightforward solutions to fix your Chromebook issues is updating the OS. Maybe you have OS crashing or a problem because you don’t have the latest version. Sometimes the old version is incompatible with every app and can cause issues.

Taking your Chromebook to the service center

If any of the mentioned methods do not work, it is better to take it to technical experts. Contacting the manufacturer is the best idea as only they can thoroughly examine the issue here. There you can get safe analyses of your device and repair it.

Final thoughts

Devices like Chromebooks are essential to us as they allow you to perform various digital tasks. But due to its limitation, it can often have issues. So if you have questions like –“why wont my Chromebook turn on” there are reasons for that. Battery, charger, external or internal hardware damage are some reasons.


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