How Often Do You Need to Visit the Dentist? – Archer M. Katz, DMD

Visit the Dentist

Even though visiting the dentist regularly is critical for preserving your dental health, numerous Americans fail to do so every year. With that in mind, you have most likely received a message, phone call, or email from your dentist alerting you that your 6-month appointment is approaching. So, you may be wondering, how often should you see the dentist? Well, the standard guideline is twice annually, but for some, this rule is not the most excellent solution. General, family, and cosmetic dentist Dr. Archer M. Katz talks about how often you should arrange an appointment, the benefits of these visits, and what you could do to keep healthy. Check out this post to find out more to Visit the Dentist.

How Frequently Should You See a Dentist?

Whereas many people believe that going to the dentist twice yearly is a reasonable guideline, the reality is that you have your own set of demands for your smile. As a result, it is dependent on your dental habits, hygiene, and health concerns.

Some persons only have to go to the dentist once or twice yearly, whereas others require more frequent visits. Thus, always ensure to discuss with your dentist concerning your next scheduled appointment.  

Who Should See a Dentist More Frequently?

Some people require more than twice-yearly dental visits. For instance, persons at a heightened risk of oral illness and other health problems might have to visit the dentist every three months or more frequently. This higher-risk category comprises the following individuals:

  •         Diabetics
  •         Expectant women
  •         Persons with a compromised immune system
  •         Smokers
  •         Persons vulnerable to plaque accumulation or cavities
  •         Gum disease patients

What Are the Benefits of Visiting the Dentist?

Even if you constantly floss and brush, you should still see a dentist regularly! At Emerson Dental Arts, Dr. Katz is highly skilled in identifying issues that you might not have apparent signs or symptoms. Some concerns, such as gum disease or cavities, are not noticeable or unpleasant until they have progressed. Dental specialists are frequently the first to detect mouth cancer in numerous patients.

In most cases, for instance, oral cancer, the concern may be avoidable or easier to cure if identified early. Your specialist will identify solutions to any warning signs with routine visits, saving you time, pain, and possibly finances in the long term.

What Can You Do to Cut Down on Dental Visits?

Maintaining proper oral health is the most excellent way to reduce your dental appointments. Therefore, ensure you brush and floss daily, as well as clean between the teeth. If your oral specialist has not observed any cavities or symptoms of gingivitis in a few years, the period between appointments may be extended.

You now understand that your specific smile condition determines the frequency with which you should see the dentist. Nonetheless, going to the dentist is a preventative strategy that will enhance your general health and make things much easier in the long term. Call the Emerson Dental Arts office or book an appointment online today to talk to Dr. Katz about your concerns.


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