Luxury Furniture Shopping: 5 Low Quality Furniture Telltale Signs

luxury furniture

One significant characteristic of luxury furniture is how attractive it looks the minute the eyes land on it. This is part of the reason why modern homeowners are seeking to incorporate more luxury furniture into their homes.

On the other hand, being attractive does not always mean that the furniture will be of high quality and will stand the test of time. While most luxury furniture shoppers are aware of this, some still stand clueless as to what they should be looking out for when shopping for luxury furniture.
In this post, we count down to the top 5 telltale signs of low-quality luxury furniture.

5 Low-Quality Luxury Furniture Telltale Signs

Low Wood Density

As a furniture shopper, one thing you’re going to be willing to do is to pay attention to the details. Before you settle on purchasing any piece of furniture, be sure to inspect it, looking into the wood type and craftsmanship.

You don’t need to worry about being clueless about woods because inspecting them does not require so much expertise. By sizing up the furniture, you can conveniently inspect the quality of the wood. Rub and hit your knuckles against it and if it does not give off that dense wood sound, the quality is something you should be worried about. As wood makes up a large percentage of furniture, you want to be sure that you are going with the furniture that is made of quality wood.

Shallow Cushion Fillings

The way density of wood plays a fundamental role in confirming how long-lasting a piece of furniture will be in the same way the density of sofa foam cushion replacement fillings is as important.

Couches will no doubt wear with time, particularly when they are frequently used. If, however, the cushion fillings, which may be foam, already feel shallow right from inspection in the showroom, the durability of the couch is already in question. A couch with more foam in it and less air would feel soft and reasonably stiff compared to one with a lower quantity and quality of cushion fillings.

Along with the appearance, luxury furniture Los Angeles-based is one such place with high-quality furniture and comfortable cushion fillings.


Furniture that wobbles from the day of purchase has very low chances of lasting long. This, therefore, makes the sturdiness of the furniture another important thing that you would want to inspect, particularly if you’re purchasing a luxury couch or chair.

If you can, sit on the couch or chair and check how much it sinks in or wobbles. Move on the furniture slightly to check how much movement it will make. If the furniture responds to your slightest movement and wobbles along with you, then the sturdiness of the furniture is in question.

Weak Joints

This is one part of the furniture that people tend to overlook a lot. The legs of any furniture, particularly chairs, couches, and side tables are made from either wood or metal. These legs are essential parts of the furniture as they support the upper structure and would most likely bear the bulk of the weight.

It is therefore important that you inspect how sturdy they are and look into how well connected the upper structure is to the legs at the respective joint points.

Inconsistent Upholstery Markings

At first glance, you may not notice the upholstery markings but be patient enough to take a closer look. Upholstery markings that are inconsistent are as much a telltale sign of poorly manufactured furniture and these upholsteries have high chances of tearing open or aging and fading within a short time after purchase.

The materials used in making high-quality upholstery ought to be premium, not one that ages or fades no sooner than it is purchased, leaving you with a couch that you no longer enjoy.

Wrapping Up

With these tips, you should be able to considerably tell low-quality luxury furniture from high-quality ones, allowing you to get maximum value for your money and optimally enjoy your investment in furniture. Also, ensure that you purchase luxury furniture from a luxury furniture store that you can trust. A typical example is the high-end furniture store LA-located.


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