Effective Marketing Tips For Self-Employed Professionals


For quite some time, the number of self-employed people has been steadily increasing. Only in the US, that number is already at almost 16 million, which means that freelancers face a very crowded marketplace, no matter the industry they’re in. Getting to the customers in such a competitive market is far from easy, which is why a good marketing strategy is essential to the success of a self-employed business. However, most freelancers don’t have the budget available to big companies, nor do they have a team of marketing professionals at their disposal. This is why the efficiency of marketing efforts is of the utmost importance. Luckily, there are ways to develop a potent marketing campaign with limited resources.

Knowing the Audience

Casting too wide of a net when trying to reach potential customers will only lead to a waste of already scarce resources. It may drain the finances and lead to the suboptimal use of the freelancer’s time and effort. Knowing the target audience allows freelancers to select the right marketing strategy and put the money and resources to good use. It also keeps the marketing campaign from becoming too generic and bland. Instead, zeroing in on the perfect customer will result in a compelling, memorable, and focused campaign.

Using Email Contacts to Expand Business

The email contact list is one of the most valuable resources for any business, especially a small one. Email marketing is among the most efficient strategies for finding new and engaging existing customers, with an estimated 4,200% ROI. Needless to say, not all email campaigns are equal. Creating an interesting newsletter with important and relevant information that provides value to the recipients is a sure way of keeping it out of the trash folder. Newsletters should be kept short, to the point, and regular, but not too frequent. There is also an old-school option of sending cold emails to attract new customers and inform them of services or products.

Establishing Online Presence

Nowadays, if a business is not online, it may very well not exist at all. Having a website is essential in reaching the customers, providing them with all the necessary information about the business, and keeping them engaged. It doesn’t even have to be fancy or expensive. Affordable hosting and readily-available and customizable themes make it easy for everyone to develop and publish an informative and good-looking site. Also, there are plenty of useful SEO tools available to help freelancers to make sure that they’re seen online. In addition, self-employed professionals should put some effort into their social media as it’s a great way of reaching a larger audience. The number of people on social media is nearing 4 billion, so the potential is more than obvious. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great for spreading the word about the business and building a network of clients.

Sticking to the Plan

Without a proper marketing strategy, freelancers have little or no chance of surviving among the competition. Devising a campaign will take some time and effort, but it’s a necessary first step for a self-employed business and, in most cases, more than worthwhile. However, it likely won’t bear fruit immediately. That’s why it’s important to develop a well-thought-of plan, take into account all aspects of the business, and most importantly, stick to it. As the word of business starts to get around, it will be easy to see the returns on everything invested. Of course, this is an ongoing process and the marketing strategy will need constant tracking, monitoring, and adjustments.




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