Sasuke Curse Mark

Sasuke Curse Mark


Are you one of those who easily decline the information presented before them? If not, then you might have wondered about the Sasuke curse mark. The number of anime lovers in the modern world population can be calculated in billions, and especially if we talk about one of the most famous animated series of all time, Naruto, then you might be happy to know that this is one of the most loved animated series of all times. Especially since it is based upon the ninja actions, the public loves it above all. The reason is that the plot of the series is unique compared to all the other tv series available on the internet.

Even if a series is reaping success at an unimaginable rate still, you will find that characters’ success depends upon their individual performance. Thus, if we talk about Naruto characters, then Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most important character that you will come across. Now you might be wondering why we are talking about Sasuke. Then let us tell you that you will never find a perfect example of character development.

Sasuke Curse Mark And Its History

We all have witnessed a curse mark on the body of the character Sasuke. So, let us tell you that it is the cursed seal of heaven. We can categorize it as one of the strongest cursed seals. The only cursed seal that tends to compete is the cursed seal of earth. As a result of this seal, Sharingan-type tomoes appear in the body, and once they are activated, you will find them turn into flames.

Sasuke Curse Mark And Its History

Also, this cursed seal helps a lot in increasing the character’s chakra once it is activated, along with providing increased physical abilities. If we talk about the location of the seal, then you can locate it at the back of his neck. Since we know that this is one of the most important seals, studying its origin will help us get more detail in this regard. So, let us tell you that the origination of this seal can be dated back to Jugo. It was sought by a shinobi seeking Orochimaru with the hope to cure Jugo for the instant rages he suffers from.

The Creation Of The Curse

Orochimaru when learned that the ability of Jugo to absorb different kinds of power is so high. The absorbance of natural energy to regain his health was unique for Orochimaru. (Phentermine) So, he did not think for a second about the mental toll that this process would yield on his mental health of Jugo, he started his quest to seek this power. He sorted several ways to harness this power.

The Creation Of The Curse

Thus, in the end, he came up with the idea where he extracted the enzymes from the body of Jugo and initiated a combination process with the Senjutsu Chakra that belonged to him. As a result, the curse was created. The story of the series helps us understand that Orochimaru was unable to achieve the sage mode; thus, he could not wield the true power of his discovery. Thus, he used his creative mind and came up with the idea that allowed him to use the Senjutsu Chakra. So, he started branding others, and as a result, they became his vessel.

The Increase In The Power Of Orochimaru

Once he started branding his followers with the cursed mark, he instantly increased his powers. This increase in his power was because of the usage of bodies as vessels. This process helped him gain insight and knowledge about several unknown aspects. If we talk about the design of the curse mark, then it is labeled as mtsudomoe. Many of the readers will hear this word for the first time. So, let us tell you that this particular word means three commas-like structures.

The emblem or the curse mark has these three commas-like structures as curse marks. Now, if we talk about the ancient ideologies, they help us understand that the tomoe is a seed of life. This holds the spirits of those who are dead. Thus, anyone who owns it has the great power. This style is currently in use by the Japanese people too.

What Made Sasuke Get This Mark

As we have discussed the history of the cursed seals, let us examine the details that will help us understand why our favorite character had this mark and how come he got it on his back. The origin of this mark is as clear as a day because we know that he got it from Orochimaru. During the second phase of the Chunin exams, Orochimaru stepped forward and placed this mark on Sasuke.

This exam took place in one of the most feared places, the forest of death. Although the intent behind this marking was to corrupt the mind of Sasuke and to ensure the fact that the next body he moves to is Sasuke. Many tried to prevent it, including Kakashi Hatake. But he was not successful. Although he used the evil sealing method to prevent this phenomenon, even then, he failed badly.

The Usage Of The Curse Mark

Since Kakashi failed to prevent the marking on Sasuke, therefore, now all rested upon the shoulders of Sasuke. It was up to his will whether he accepted to use the cursed seal or reject its usage. The events that took place later on, help us understand that he wielded the power of the curse mark in the future. But one of the positive outcomes of this scenario included that he did not give in to the influence of Orochimaru completely, and he was the one who remained in control.

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The animated series Naruto has helped us get acquainted with different new ideologies and powers, such as Sasuke curse mark. Such creative factors always blow your mind. Thus, we are hoping to witness similar other facts and phenomena appear in front of us so that we can enjoy them and enter the marvelous world of Naruto.


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