Pikachu Black Tail

Pikachu Black Tail


In the past few decades, the world has witnessed several entertainment options, especially child entertainment, which has always been given prime importance. Pikachu black tail debate will help you understand that Pokémon has always been the best-animated series ever. We can not say that any child of the modern world has not seen Pokémon once in his or her life.

This is the fact that makes these animated characters one of the most loved characters ever. If we talk about the characters of the Pokémon series, then one of the most prominent Pokémon is Pikachu. The cuteness and powerful nature of Pikachu have always made him loved by the general public. Since he is the center of most of the viewers’ attention, the fans try to notice and examine every detail, and even small changes make them concerned about the character.

Pikachu Black Tail

If we analyze the available data, we will come to know that in the past few years, the debate about the famous Pokémon Pikachu and its tail has been getting much attention. Now you might be wondering why this debate even started in the first place. So, let us tell you that the need for it arose when the fans observed that the tail of Pikachu used to have a black strip at the end.


Instead, it is observed that the black patch is removed in some of the appearances. Thus, the fans want to know that why did it happen. However, many believe that the black stripe was never there at all. Therefore, a heated discussion between both groups took place, and as a result, this phenomenon got the attention of Pokémon fans worldwide.

Comparing The Appearances

If we look at the two different appearances of the famous Pokémon Pikachu, we will come to know that the character in all the illustrations has yellowtail. In some of the illustrations, you will find him to have complete yellowtail but with a brown patch at the initial part of the tail. Also, on the other hand, an illustration shows that the Pikachu had complete yellowtail with a black tip at the end of the tail. The rest of the appearance is similar in both cases.

Comparing The Appearances

Then what we should believe in is the question of today that has been circulating in the public’s minds. Now, if we talk about the confirmations, then we will come to know that the illustration in which Pikachu has a yellow tail with a brown patch at the initial stage is the one that we consider as original one. Then people might raise the question that if it is real, then why the secondary illustrations are also circulating in the market.

Being A Part Of The Discussion

Now, if we look at the status of the discussion on hand then we will come to know that there are two ideologies in this regard:

  1. There might be some variations of the Pokémon, too. Thus, the Pikachu with a black tail might vary from the original one.
  2. Other than the original one, the rest of the illustrations are fake.

Now, although most people liked this upgradation and they thought that the blacktail suited the famous Pokémon. On the other hand, the Pikachu illustrations with the black tail are certified to be fake. Thus, the fans must consider that the Pikachu has no black stripes and patches. Thus, it means that its tail is yellow with a brown patch.

Why Do Most Of The Public Think That Pikachu Has A Black Tail

Once, the illustrations with black stripes on the tail of Pikachu came in front of the public. It immediately gave rise to several new questions that many people believed true. But why is it so if it’s a fake? Then let us tell you that one of the most prominent phenomena, in this case, is a false memory. Now you might be wondering what false memory is and how it affects your recollections.

Why Do Most Of The Public Think That Pikachu Has A Black Tail

So, let us tell you that it is a phenomenon in which people recall something happening, whereas that event never took place in reality. Also, remembering details differently is known as false memory. This might be a production of a false memory where people thought that it was the true illustration and shared it with the public, thus resulting in running the whole idea. Also, to eradicate such beliefs, it is important that a person takes a look at the modern-day Pikachu illustrations, which will help you differentiate between the good and the bad.

Was There Any Truth To The Story?

Since this process was repeated over and over again. Therefore, the question was raised that was there any truth to the story even in the slightest case. Then to answer this concern, it was of the utmost importance that we observe all the Pikachu illustrations from the games and animated series. Then we will come to know that even in different genders, the color of the tail of the Pikachu was always in the same pattern where it has complete yellowtail and a brown patch at the initial point.

Also, there were different versions of the Pikachu available if we observe them then, even they did not have any black patch on the tail. Thus, the details help us in deducing the fact that the only part of the body of Pikachu that you will find to be black is the ears. The tips of the ears of the famous animated character are black. The rest of the body is completely yellow, shunning the idea of a black tail.

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Pikachu black tail has been a phenomenon that has gathered much attention in the past, and the debates in this regard also made some noise. In the end, the phenomenon in question turned out to be a fake. Thus, leaving us with the original and the perfect illustration of the Pikachu that nobody on the earth can deny.


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