Akame Ga Kill Characters

Akame Ga Kill Characters


The anime characters are the new favorite of the general public. Akame Ga kill characters are the ones that are being questioned nowadays on the internet. Not many animated series or games have been able to offer a variety of characters. This is why if we take a look, we will come to know that the stance of Akame Ga on introducing numerous characters is extremely appreciable. If we take a look, we will understand that getting to know all of these characters is not that easy.

You have to ensure that you remember them according to their categories. Only then will you be able to memorize all the animes. Even the internet researchers are dumbfounded about the fact that the numerous characters of Akame Ga Kill are not easy to remember. Since we know that such phenomena gather the attention of the public thus, they share their queries on the internet, and to satisfy these queries, the researchers have to bring forward the details.

Akame Ga Kill Characters

The Akame Ga kill characters are one of the most searched animated phenomena nowadays on the internet. But not all the sources can provide you with definite details. Therefore, to get your hands on more reliable information, it is of the utmost importance to scrutinize your sources. Only then will you be able to get the perfect results you dream of.

Akame Ga Kill Characters

Although we are aware that the list of the characters is very long, we have scrutinized them and classified them into different categories for the ease of the readers. The below-mentioned categories will provide you with the details you seek:

Revolutionary Army

Doctor Martha And Others 

  1. Doctor
  2. Martha
  3. Mashire
  4. Nuge
  5. Pais
  6. Ritone
  7. Suzaku

Night Raid

  1. Akame
  2. Bulat
  3. Chelsea
  4. Leone
  5. Lubbock
  6. Mine
  7. Najenda
  8. Sheele
  9. Susanoo
  10. Tatsumi

Oarbugh Clan

  1. Babara
  2. Casandra
  3. Chelsea
  4. Daniel
  5. Gilberda
  6. Loris
  7. Meela
  8. Merraid
  9. Teeko

Sabatini Show

  1. Amuria
  2. Dangan
  3. Kouga
  4. Natalia
  5. Sabatini

The Empire


  1. Bols
  2. Esdeath
  3. Kurome
  4. Run
  5. Seryu
  6. Dr Stylish
  7. Wave

Assaisination Group 

  1. Akame
  2. Cornelia
  3. Guy
  4. Gin
  5. Gozuki
  6. Green
  7. Kurome
  8. Najasho
  9. Natala
  10. Poney
  11. Tsukushi

Group Of Teror

  1. Balluck
  2. Gin
  3. Kurome
  4. Kylie
  5. Uncle Bill
  6. Natala
  7. Remus
  8. Womyn

Four Rakshasa Demons 

  1. Gozuki
  2. Ibara
  3. Mez
  4. Sten
  5. Suzuka

Team Stylish

  1. Hana
  2. Kaku
  3. Me
  4. Mimi
  5. Dr Stylish
  6. Toby
  7. Trooma

Three Beasts 

  1. Daidara
  2. Liver
  3. Nyau

Wild Hunt

  1. Champ
  2. Cosmina
  3. Dorothea
  4. Enshin
  5. Izou
  6. Syura

Kurome’s Puppets

  1. Apeman
  2. Death Tagool
  3. Doya
  4. Henter
  5. Kaiser
  6. Frog
  7. Natala
  8. Rokugoh
  9. Run
  10. Wall

Path Of Peace

  1. Bolic
  2. Holimaca
  3. The Lord


  1. Buaku
  2. Hinowa
  3. Hisame’s Brother
  4. Hisame’s Sister
  5. Kisaru
  6. Rinzu
  7. Shion
  8. Sotetsu
  9. Waniba


  1. Kyoukotsu
  2. Sakuze
  3. Zuou


  1. Kongou

The Lengthy List

A single look at this list will help you understand how many characters are present in Akame Ga Kill. But you will not be able to remember them all if you have not categorized them properly. Also, this list will help you understand that these are not all of the names. Some other characters are also still not mentioned in this list. Thus you might have to explore the rest of the names to achieve the maximum results.

Although the list is currently very long, this does not mean that all characters are playing major roles. There are a few only whose character has been portrayed more than the rest. This is why it would be important to segregate those names and study them thoroughly to understand their importance in the gameplay.

Some Of The Important Night Raid Characters

If we look at the list, we will come to know that among the night raid characters, Najenda has a prime spot. Since she is serving as the head assassin at night raid, it would be important to mention her name and qualities. According to her portfolio, she has served in the military for many years, and she was not an ordinary soldier. She served as a general in The empire. Her strategic skills and influencing techniques make her one of the best characters.

Some Of The Important Night Raid Characters

Sheele is also one of the most important characters in this category. Now you might be wondering what makes her special and different from the others. So, let us tell you that Sheele was one of the first members of the Night Raid group to die in manga and anime. Thus, we can say that her appearance and actions are limited, and fans cannot recall most of her appearances. But there are some instances, such as the one in which you will find her wielding Teigu. You might be shocked to know that she can use this pair of scissors as a weapon.

If you want a list based upon the power scale of the members of the night raid group, then let us tell you that Chelsea and Najenda will be the members whose placement will surely give you a tough time. If we talk about physical strength, which is one of the major markers to understanding the combat ability of a person, then she stands at an average space. But one of the powers that she wields because of the Imperial Arms is that she can shapeshift. This is an important power that makes her a valuable character.

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The world of anime has no boundaries, and the Akame Ga kill characters and their numerous numbers will help you understand the fact that the anime world has a soft spot for expansion. With a little effort, you can easily introduce new characters, which is impossible otherwise.


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