Rosa Amelia Saavedra

Rosa Amelia Saavedra


Rosa Amelia Saavedra is a name that must ring a bell because there are not many media personalities that have the capability of attracting the attention of the bulk of the public. Although people are familiar with her, there is still a crowd of people who want to know more about her. This is the kind of fame that everyone dreams of, but only a few people are successful in achieving such fame; therefore, if we take a look at the available details, we will come to know that Rosa is an American media personality. She was born in the USA.

But what adds more weight to her name is the detail that she is the ex-wife of the famous Pedro Rivera. The family came into the news once their daughter died. You might also know her daughter by the name of Jenni Rivera. She was also not an ordinary personality. Her performances on the traditional Mexican musicals and songs were admired worldwide

Sometimes you find your stories at destinations where you have not even thought to be. Thus, if we take a look, Rosa used to live in Mexico but later on, they moved to the USA. Her life is filled with the details that must be learned by the people who are in pursuit of the details regarding her life. For starters, we can say that she is a woman whose marriage did not live a lifetime and ended after a short period. Also, she is a woman who witnessed the death of her child, which is not an admirable fact.

Some Personal Life Details About Rosa Amelia Saavedra

If we take a look, we will know that Rosa is actually less famous than most of her family members. You will constantly find her name in themes linked to the snippets involving her children and grandchildren. Rosa was never just an ordinary woman or a housewife. She had a specific place in the themed industry, and her career included the title of American music producer. Under this job title, she has produced many marvels till today. If we move on to some of the personal details, we will come to know that she was actually born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

Some Personal Life Details About Rosa Amelia Saavedra

The date of birth of Rosa is recorded as April 18, 1948. This is an amazing date because, according to the numbers available, she is currently 73 years old but still, with even a look at her face, you will deny this detail because she does not look like she has passed the mark of 50 years. The reason for her moving to the USA leaving her home country was that she was pursuing a life that was better than the previous one. She moved with her husband, Pedro Rivera.

Although the start was very hard for her, and she lived through some of the toughest times of her life, but later on, she stood as an example for the others depicting that with hard work, commitments, and dedication, you can achieve any goal in this world. If we look at the details, you will be fascinated to know that Rosa actually eloped with her ex-husband at only 14 years. This was astonishing, and the whole scenario shifted when her father filed a complaint, and her ex-husband had to go to jail.

An Insight In The Life Of Famous Rosa Amelia Saavedra

Currently, we are unable to locate much information regarding her life before entering the USA. But her husband, on the other hand, started by selling lottery tickets. It was their dedication that helped them in producing gems like Jenni Rivera and Lippi Rivera. We can date back her marriage with Pedro Rivea to 1963. According to the available details, it is evident that the couple spent 45 lovely years together, and they lived through many hardships of life and saw many good and bad of life.

An Insight In The Life Of Famous Rosa Amelia Saavedra

But this whole romantic story took a shift into a nightmare when divorce of both partners came to reality. This news was shocking because people wanted her to be the lifelong partner of Pedro Rivera. But even in such scenarios, if we take a look at the bright side of the picture, then we will come to know that her children are the most memorable part of her married life. If we start with the number of children, then she had six children. Her daughter and the famous singer Jenni Rivera died a few years back, so the number of her children alive stands at the mark of five.

She rose successful musicians, and since her husband was also a part of the music industry and he was known for his music productions thus, this had a huge impact upon their family. They also turned towards the musical life. Her son Lapilli Rivera is a successful musician of all time. This is all thanks to her hard work on her family. Even her daughter Jeni was 43years old at the time of her death. Although the whole family has an affection for music, the eldest son Pedro River Jr. has attained a completely different path. He is a pastor and a gospel musician.

The Net Worth Of Rosa

Although she was also a part of the music industry, we have always seen her with the frame of Pedro Rivera and her daughter Jenni. Thus it would be difficult to describe the career details of the mother of the famous singer. Although we know that the et worth of her late headstands at a mark of $4 million. But her daughter Jenni o the other hand, had a net worth of $25 million. But we do not currently have any figure stat9ng the net worth of

The Net Worth Of Rosa Rosa herself.


Rosa Amelia Saavedra is an example for the people, and she examplified that if you commit for a better life, then you will surely achieve it. Although her life has witnessed several ups and downs still, she is doing well. We look forward to seeing more of her.


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