Online Gambling Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Online Gambling Trends
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Online gambling trends can be considered an extension of the gambling industry that made it more accessible to more potential players. With online casinos’ rise to popularity, more players can enjoy the convenience of gambling anywhere through the internet on any device. As an industry, Online Cricket Betting ID is now making its mark in the gambling market.

Recent data shows that the global online gambling industry was valued at $66.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $92.9 billion in 2023. These numbers also indicate that now is the best time to capitalize on this growth. The iron is hot, so online casinos must strike now. 

One of the things online casinos can do to stay on track is to ensure their products speak to emerging online gambling trends. In this blog, you can learn more about these trends as observed by experts from the largest gambling companies in the world. Here are trends that could realistically take hold in online gambling for 2022.

Crypto transactions

One of the technological developments that recently integrated with online gambling is cryptocurrency. Online casinos now accept cryptocurrency as payment, recognizing its advantages and rise to popularity. This 2022, crypto transactions are expected to increase, with more operators adding more currencies to their payment options and embracing cryptocurrencies as a source of income.

However, operators have to be mindful when accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. Players use them because it provides anonymity, but that benefit can also be used for corruption. That’s why they need a planned approach to provide an optimal payment and withdrawal experience for players that choose to transact with crypto.

Social betting

Gambling is a social experience, so players want to engage with each other when gambling online. They would want to chat with other players, just like how they socialize in physical casinos. Thus, they will expect online casinos to have features that allow them to discuss bets with each other.

This trend means online casinos like Bet88 Philippines will appeal more to players because of their community betting features. However, operators should study their target market to assess their preferred betting models. That’s because it has seen mixed results across different online gambling markets worldwide.

Better apps

Amidst various technological advancements, players can expect better online gambling apps to go live this 2022. This is aspect tends to be overlooked by operators, but that will change. More operators will see online gambling apps as an effective way to expand their reach.

Adaptation will be vital for developing better online gambling apps. According to experts, operators should focus on localization to achieve it. Adapting their offerings to local preferences will help increase the appeal of their apps.

Esports betting

Betting on esports will become more popular this 2022. As more video games are played and the video game industry also continues to progress, more bettors will look for esports betting opportunities.

The skepticism in esports betting will wane as the understanding of esports technology grow. Along with all the developments in esports, this will make wagering on games more appealing to bettors. As they become more certain of the integrity of esports betting, players will spend their money on it.

Safer gambling

Perhaps the most exciting trend to look out for this 2022, players will now feel safer gambling online with new regulations continuing to come into force. These rules for safer online gambling are expected to shape experiences, with more operators initiating safer gambling into all stages of their product development process.

2022 will be the year where operators will exceed legal requirements to protect their players from themselves. They will integrate features on their websites to promote healthier gambling habits, such as encouraging players to set a deposit limit and warning signs that pop up whenever they play for long hours.


These trends will likely influence online gambling from 2022 moving forward. If these forecasts are accurate. The industry will continue to grow and eventually be the most desirable alternative to other forms of betting and playing casino games.


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