Fiery Christmas: How to make your fire set up Christmassy


As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, few things are as cosy as the warming glow of a festive fire. For many people, a fire can be the icing on the cake of a perfect Christmas, but you can go the extra mile if you want to make things even more festive. Below are some of Homefire’s top tips that will help you make your fireplace feel even more festive this Christmas.

Use decorations 

Opting for some tasteful decorations and placing them atop your fireplace is an excellent way to bring some Christmas cheer into your home. The perfect decor for your fireplace is some foraged foliage and dried berries, alongside the Christmas cards that your nearest and dearest have posted to you throughout the month. Additionally, you might like to finish things off with some delicate fairy lights that will enable you to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere just above your fireplace.

However, it’s important to note that it’s easy to go over the top when decorating your living room in anticipation of Christmas. If you bring in too many decorations, your individual touches will get lost among the clutter, so simple is better when it comes to decorating the fireplace. At Christmas, we find that bright and bold colours combine to bring your living room very much into the festive season. Remember – when you’re decorating your fireplace, keep fire safety in mind the whole time – you don’t want a disaster on your hands.

Increase the heat 

Few things are as Christmassy as setting and lighting your indoor fireplace as the snow starts to fall outside. So, to ensure you build the best fire this winter, you need to invest in the best fuel available. In order to lower smoke emissions and create a more powerful heat, we dry our Kiln-Dried Firewood to a moisture level of 20% or less. What’s more, our smokeless coal is another excellent option for your fireplace, as it lasts considerably longer than traditional coal and has the added benefit of being sustainably produced and sourced. This will enable you to enjoy a more comforting and rewarding heat from your home fire and means you don’t need to get up as frequently to refuel it.
Think about an outside fire pit 

Despite the fact that temperatures plummet around Christmas time, there’s no need to spend every day locked up inside the house! Installing a communal fire pit in your back garden enables you to sit comfortably with loved ones outside without succumbing to the unfriendly temperatures. For the ultimate outdoor fire pit experience, grab some comfortable outdoor furniture and make a batch of mulled wine to share throughout the evening. You can then start your fire with our fire pit bundle, which will ensure you can get the flames roaring in no time at all. 

In our opinion, few things are as festive as curling up in front of a roaring fire after filling your tummies full of Christmas food. And you can do so with our high-quality firewood, which has been responsibly and sustainably sourced from renewable forests in Latvia. Browse our impressive collection today to find the firewood you’re looking for this Christmas. 


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