Autumn Dresses for Wedding Guests


So, you’ve been invited to a wedding—in the autumn. During this cooler month, it can be difficult to find the right season-appropriate attire. Let’s be real: autumn isn’t the season of vibrant florals or summer dresses. 

That’s no reason to tread into this event half-hearted! It may just be a case of finding your favourite frock in the colours of autumn. What’s in an autumn palette? The colours of the earth and of the many-coloured leaves as they shift from their best summer selves to their final stage of life. We’re talking browns, muted red, mustard, and greens of every kind. This colour palette can be vibrant, but it’s also grounded. For those who are budget conscious, you may check the for-hire wedding guest dresses Australia online.

So, how can you rock wedding guest attire that reflects the season? By choosing from an earthy colour palette! If you get stuck, close your eyes and picture an autumn tree. Here is some autumnal attire perfectly fitted to a wedding—which, like autumn itself, marks a significant transition.

The Diya Gown in orange

Does anything scream ‘autumn’ more than a crisp, orange satin gown? … Possibly, but before we float back down to earth, we’re taking in every last iota of beauty that the Diya Gown has to offer. This gown features a cowl neckline, criss-cross back straps, and a mermaid train. And because it’s a mermaid cut, this means it will cling to your curves in all the right places! This gown may resemble an autumn leaf, but to really cement the seasonal vibes, pair it with a brown shrug or bolero.

The Perla Shimmering Lace Gown in red


            ImageAlamour The Label

Lace is a graceful and feminine option that fits wedding guests like a glove. But you already knew that because you’re marveling at the Perla Shimmering Lace Gown right now! This eye-catching gown consists of a plunging V-neckline, a lace-up back, and—of course—a mermaid train. It stretches to fit your figure and hug every curve. This red variant brings a bright, autumnal twist to the Perla Shimmering Lace Gown. Its delicate fall to the ground is graceful and elegant.

The great thing about the Perla Shimmering Lace Gown? It’s lacey, and it trails behind you, but it does not evoke bridal imagery. If you’re digging a lacey line-up of dresses, be sure to skip the more traditional variants, which will almost definitely be white. We all know that white is a no-no at weddings!

The Belinda Sequin Gown in emerald


Let’s slide things back to the earthier end of the autumnal colour scale. This emerald edition of the Belinda Sequin Gown is the colour of moss and of leaves darkening into a deeper brown. It’s a rather majestic colour, almost channelling the womanly magnificence of Maleficent herself. This gown differs from the others in that it foregoes the plunging neckline. It has criss-cross detailing, as well as shimmering sequins that form lush, leafy patterns from its choker neckline down to its mermaid train.

This gown has an air of regal elegance and just the right amount of glitter. It’s understated enough that you can take a back seat to the bride, but not subtle enough to completely fade into the background. 

The Agata Sequin Gown in gold


Possibly the most autumnal garment on the list, the golden Agata Sequin Gown has it all. Its muted yet fabulous colour is the ideal backdrop for its vine-like patterns, which are formed from shimmering sequins. And, like any classic evening dress, it’s got the plunging neckline, a lace-up back, and everyone’s favourite mermaid train. 

This gown is something of a contrast to the Belinda Sequin Gown in emerald. Sure, both gowns have vines of sequins that slither up the torso in a symmetrical stance. They’re also cut in the curve-cuddling mermaid style. However, Agata alludes to the leaves fading to yellow whilst Belinda represents leaves darkening to brown. There are always two ways to frame the same transition. Will you choose Belinda’s yin or Agata’s lighter yang? 

The Davina Satin Gown in burgundy


Let’s go out with a bang! Thanks to its satin fabric, the Davina Satin Gown inspires ‘ooh, shiny’ sentiments a few notches up from those of the Diya Gown. This gown shimmers in the sunlight—and it doesn’t need a single sequin to do so. The burgundy version of this gown is a few shades down from the bright red of the Perla Shimmering Lace Gown above. If this gown were just one shade warmer, it could have a blinding effect on anyone glancing its way!

The Davina Satin Gown is one of our many recommendations cut in the mermaid style. Its points of difference, however, are its sweetheart neckline and its thicker, more diagonal straps. Burgundy falls squarely in the autumn colour palette and is fabulous for any occasion.


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