What to Expect From the Best Gun Safe for AR-15

Safe for AR-15

As burglary and crime rates continue to increase, the need to buy a firearm for protection becomes a necessity. Aside from owning this rifle, you need to consider a place to store it. Deciding to get a gun safe is evidence that you take your AR-15 security as a priority.

A gun safe is one of the most important purchases you can make for your home and family. A good gun safe can help to keep weapons, sensitive data, and ammunition protected from children, fire, and theft. The biggest mistake you can make is to not understand how to select the best safe for your needs.

There are hundreds of gun safes available on the market, so it is difficult to choose between them. One of the problem with having this many options is that there are fewer brands that produce high-quality gun safes. Choosing the best out of the several options you have is always a good decision to make. If you are not quite sure on how to choose the best of the numerous options, you can check out gunsafecoach.com research page for help.

With that in mind, this article will now cover some of the important factors to consider when choosing a gun safe, both online and in-person for your AR-15.

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Gun Safe for AR-15

The following are some of the main things to consider when making a choice:

Know What You Want

One of the main considerations to keep in mind during your search is whether you are looking for long-term storage or a gun storage system that you would like to install at home. It is important to understand the differences between these two options as they have different features which determine their suitability for personal use.

The long-term one will give more protection and security at a very affordable price. Home use safes would need installation and most of the time, they do not offer as much protection as their counterparts. 

Your Home Space


Another thing to consider is the space that the gun safe will require. Do you have a large room that can contain the size of the cabinet you want? Or is your home apartment small? It is necessary for you to make sure that you have enough space in your home. In this way, the cabinet can fit properly in the location with no risk of being unstable or tipping over. You must also ensure that the cabinet can pass through the door of the space easily.

The Type Available 

You also need to consider the type of cabinet you want. There are two main types that you might go for. They are the wall mount and stand-alone model. The one mounted on the wall or floor is a much convenient option if you want to hide it from others. But the standalone is inbuilt into a space in your home. If you don’t want your kids or any other person to have access to your safe, getting a wall mount is one way to do this. For other ways to avoid intruders from gaining access to this, check here: https://fortune.com/2015/12/03/safe-gun-tech/.

The Size of the Storage Unit


Next, consider the size of the cabinet that can secure your AR-15. If you have other guns, ammunition, and valuables along with the AR-15, you would need a bigger cabinet of high quality. If not, a smaller one could suffice. Also, if the area you live in has frequent cases of burglary, then it is wise to get a bigger one as it is harder for thieves to break into the safe than the smaller ones.

Quality of the Storage Unit

Another thing to consider is the quality of the gun safe. It is always good to buy quality products if you want them to last long. So how can you determine the quality of these gun cabinets? One good way to do this is by looking into certain features. 

A high-quality storage unit would have doors that are thicker, stronger, and heavier than the lower quality ones. The doors on low-quality storage systems have thin metal that can easily spoil or break. A thicker door would ensure more security and protection to the AR-15.

The walls of the safe should also be taken into consideration when determining its quality. The thicker the wall, the harder it is to break into. Thinner walls mean less security and this can expose your children (if you have any) or someone that is not authorized to gain access to your AR-15.

Advanced Security

Apart from the quality of material used in making the storage unit, the locking system can also improve the security of the safe. You can choose to buy one with either a keypad or combination lock. The keypad lock is easier to remember than the combination lock. However, if you want to have a highly secured storage unit, it is best to go for a combination lock. If you would like to know how both locks work, read this article.

Fire Rating Certifications

One of the most important certifications you want from a gun safe is the fire rating. The NFPA i.e. National Fire Protection Association has a list of fire ratings that can help you deduce if a safe would withstand severe conditions or scorching fire. If the storage unit is said to be class 125, it means that it would not melt at 125°F for 30 minutes. If it says class 400, it means that it wouldn’t burn at 400°F for 30 minutes. So the higher the class rating, the better its protection against fire hazards is.


A gun Safe for AR-15 can serve many purposes. It is a storage unit where you keep your guns secured, repel thieves and keep your children away from dangerous weapons. Buying one can be an easy process if you keep the important factors mentioned above in mind before making the decision.


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