Buying advice for outdoor lounges and garden furniture

outdoor lounges

The sun lures you into the countryside early in the morning. It’s so warm that you want to have breakfast outside with your family today. You set up the garden furniture and set the table with rolls and coffee. Everyone can find comfortable space on the garden chairs and the new garden sofa as the outdoor lounges, and the garden furniture cushions invite you to sit there for a long time and feast extensively. 

While the children then swing in the hammock, you doze off relaxed on the sun lounger. Splendid! In the following you will find out what selection of balcony furniture there is, from practical sets to hammock swings, and what distinguishes outdoor lounges.

Lounge sets for conservatories and covered terraces on outdoor lounges

A seating group made of lounge furniture offers you the same comfort outside as a sofa and coffee table in the living room. Sets for four often consist of a low table, a loveseat and two armchairs. If you have less space but don’t want to compromise on coziness, add a single garden sofa or lounge bed. You can stretch out on that. The large furniture is good under one roof as it doesn’t move easily when it rains.

Thanks to high-quality garden tables, garden chairs and outdoor lounges, you can eat outside with guests in a relaxed atmosphere, put your feet up, enjoy the first rays of sunshine at breakfast or end the evening at sunset. Since outdoor furniture is usually made of robust and weatherproof materials, it will last for many summers and can also cope well with a sudden rain shower.

Out with it: Garden furniture is robust and functional

Terrace, balcony and garden furniture are characterized by practical properties that make them robust, space-saving and comfortable. In the following you will find out what you should pay attention to when buying.

Weatherproof material: polyrattan, wood, metal and plastic

The materials from which garden furniture is made withstand rain, sun and wind. The available materials convince with the following additional properties: Chairs and tables made o robust and light. You can carry them from one place to another without much effort. 

Wooden furniture made of teak, acacia or eucalyptus is characterized by its naturalness and durability. They require regular care with wood preservatives furniture made of stainless steel, aluminum and steel is weatherproof and easy to clean with a cloth. Plastic furniture is very light, weatherproof, easy to clean and available in many colors.

Folding and stacking function saves space when storing

You can simply stack or fold some models of garden chairs and tables. This is practical if you need extra space for a large barbecue with guests or a garden party. When the guests have left, you can stow the chairs and tables to save space or simply lean them against the wall of the house.

Diverse furniture selection for terrace, garden and balcony

From the garden lounger to the bistro set: there are different types of garden furniture. A small square or round table and two chairs – that’s enough to drink a coffee on the small balcony and end the evening with a glass of wine. 

For more freedom of movement on small balconies, chairs with a filigree design and folding function are recommended, which you can simply put aside when you don’t need them. Hanging tables also save space. They are attached to the balcony railing and therefore do not take up any space. When you want to eat, you simply fold them out.

Sets of tables, chairs and benches for dining on the terrace

If you like to eat outside and have a large terrace, garden furniture sets are suitable as basic equipment. They consist of a table and chairs or benches. There are simple seating groups for four people and extensive garden furniture sets with seating for eight people and more. If you often have guests, but only limited space, we recommend a garden table that you can expand with extension leaves.

Garden loungers for reading and sunbathing

Put your feet up and relax – garden loungers make that possible. Collapsible models that you can set up quickly when the sun is shining are practical. Garden loungers with a curved shape and reversible upholstery offer additional lying comfort and modern design.

Beach chair for a holiday feeling in the garden

A beach chair protects you from wind and sun in the garden. You can put your drink on a fold-up mini table and you can adjust the angle of the backrests to your desired seating position on many models.

Sitting on the garden bench in front of the house and under the tree

The garden bench is the classic among garden furniture. You can sit next to each other with at least one other person against the wall or freely under a tree.

Tips for cleaning and caring for garden furniture

You should clean the furniture at the latest when you are winterizing your terrace so that it remains durable for a long time. In the following you will learn how to properly care for and furniture.

This is how you store balcony furniture and upholstery carefully

Choose a dry room to store your garden furniture, otherwise mold can form if it is damp. You can easily stow foldable balcony furniture in the basement, in the garage or in the garden shed. Garden furniture covers that you pull over the furniture offer additional protection against dust .Upholstery, overlays and cushions are protected from moisture and dust in overlay boxes. 

During the gardening season, you can put the boxes outside with the furniture so that the cushions are always within reach. The storage boxes are available in attractive designs. Match the material and color to your furniture.

Garden furniture creates comfortable outdoor seating

Comfortable furniture for the terrace, garden and balcony creates a feeling of being on holiday in your own home. Reading a book outside, lying in the sun and having breakfast to the sound of birdsong – such moments are a pleasure. With the right chairs, tables and loungers for the outdoor area, it becomes as cozy as in the living room. From modest outdoor sofas to the grandest ensemble. Remarkable Furniture got dozens of great options for you to choose from.


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