How To Claim a Bitcoin Casino Bonus?

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Looking to join a crypto casino? Learn how to claim a bitcoin casino bonus and boost your bankroll. Click here for more.  

A Beginners Guide: How To Claim a Bitcoin Casino Bonus?

When it first appeared, blockchain technology raised a lot of eyebrows. Although a handful of people believed this had a future, most people didn’t trust it at all. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact people knew little about the whole concept. Still, a few novelties arose from this technology. Soon, cryptocurrencies became all the rage. People started to believe this was the future of the world’s monetary system. Today, the value of such currencies, predominantly Bitcoin, has hit the sealing.

Consequently, gambling establishments recognized the upcoming trend and started implementing cryptos in their depositing systems. Today, we can distinguish several bitcoin casinos. They operate in the same manner as for regular virtual venues. By visiting the crypto casino, you can enjoy the same virtual environment. Moreover, their library of games remains on the highest level. But, what about the bonus structures? Let’s look at how you can claim a bitcoin casino bonus. 

Types Of Bitcoin Casinos Bonuses

Like the regular virtual casinos, bitcoin venues also offer players various perks to get them started. Also, several bonuses serve to raise the entertainment level and keep the existing players happy. This is why we’ll present you with the most common casino bonuses you can encounter. 

Welcome Bonuses

Casinos use sign-up promotions to make their platforms more appealing to potential punters. On the other hand, players see these benefits as a way to get the upper hand over casinos. Moreover, welcome bonuses can help players boost their bankrolls and keep the winning streaks going. 

These offers typically consist of cash rewards and free spins. You can claim this offer after registration. Most casinos highlight the minimum requirements you need to fulfill to enjoy the bonus. 

How To Get Welcome Bonus

Most likely, the Online Cricket Betting ID will offer to accept the promotion immediately after signing up. To obtain the promotion, you need to make the minimum deposit to your bitcoin account. Furthermore, depending on the casino, you’ll receive a match-up cash reward and complimentary spins. Thus, find a cashier, accept a welcome bonus and boost your bankroll. You’ll soon realize why people consider this promotion among the best casino bonuses ever. 

How To Claim a Bitcoin Casino Bonus Without Deposit

Not all gambling promotions require you to use your wallet. On the contrary, some venues offer you a chance to test them out prior to depositing. A no deposit bitcoin casino allows you to enjoy your favorite casino games only by registering. 

The bonus comprises a symbolic cash reward, usually with complimentary spins. Thus, you can use the bonus credit to test out some of the casino’s features. What’s more, if you meet the wagering requirements, you can even withdraw your winnings. 

But, because of the chance to take out your winnings, a bitcoin casino may impose certain conditions. Thus, no deposit bonuses typically come with time restrictions. Also, some games may be unavailable to play during the promotional period. 

How To Obtain a No Deposit Bonus

After finding a no deposit casino, you need to register. Today, casinos made the signing-up process more simplified. Thus, you’ll need less than a minute of your time to get cash-free promotions. Follow the registration procedure, and immediately after signing up, your bitcoin casino will offer you to accept a no deposit bonus. If you miss the opportunity, you can go to navigation, select the promotions section and claim your cash-free bonus. 

How To Claim a Bitcoin Casino Bonus For Slots

You’ll typically encounter a free spins bonus when playing with virtual bitcoin casinos. As mentioned above, they can come in a package in the form of a welcome or no deposit bonus. However, they can also come as a separate promotion. 

That said, after claiming the bonus, you’ll receive a specific number of spins. Later you can use the bonus to generate more winnings. However, they also come with specific requirements. In other words, every bitcoin casino will present you with a specific number of times you must play through to become eligible for withdrawal.

Also, these promotions can come with time restrictions. Usually, you must use this promotion in 2 days from the moment of deposit, rarely up to 7 days. 

How To Obtain Free Spins

To claim free spins, you need to register at your chosen Bitcoin casino. Go to promotions and select free spins. Click on the claim button and enjoy your free slot bonuses. 


This is a different type of Bitcoin casino bonus meant for the most loyal punters. The idea is as follows: the more you play and deposit, the more money you’ll get in return. You can use this promotion once a week. The casino will credit the funds directly to your account on a specific date. 

Cashback: How To Claim a Bitcoin Casino Bonus 

If you’re a regular, most likely, the casino itself will inform you about the bonus. However, if that’s not the casino, you can do it yourself. Find the casino’s promotions sector and look for the cashback. There you can find all the details and conditions about the bonus. Accept the promotion, and the casino will boost your bankroll on a predetermined date. 

How To Find The Best Bitcoin Casino

Before claiming your bonus, it is vital to choose the right casino. That said, you need to make sure the operator of your choice is legit and reliable. Only in a safe and secure gambling environment can you thrive and enjoy your bitcoin bonuses. 

As a newcomer, you may find it challenging to choose between casinos. That is why we recommend you use trustworthy and reliable sources when picking a virtual operator. Using your BTC wallet when depositing is the safest way to avoid transaction issues down the road.

Final Thoughts

Using bitcoin casinos nowadays is far more straightforward than you might think. Differences between traditional virtual casinos and crypto-venues are almost non-existent. Thus, using a bitcoin casino, you can enjoy the same benefits as regular ones. High-quality games, casino tournaments, and many other perks await you at the crypto establishments. Because of these similarities, you can claim a bitcoin casino bonus by following the same procedure as regular ones.  


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