Reasons You Need A Wedge seat cushion

Wedge seat cushion

Wedge seat cushion prove that how you rest affects more than just your back. Your sitting position can also improve blood circulation, reduce tension on your spine and improve digestion.

Being a truck driver means a lot of hours on the road and a lot of sleep-deprived nights. Getting a shipment from one state to another can take a toll on the body, and the last thing anyone needs is an uncomfortable seat. 

Using the everlasting comfort car and truck seat cushion comes with many benefits to a trucker. You no longer have to change that worn-out or uncomfortable seat. You can add a seat cushion, and it will feel like home.

Benefits of A Car Seat Cushion

A sitting wedge enhances the angle between the torso and the upper legs while creating a more comfortable seating surface. With a better sitting environment, you can easily sustain yourself in the correct sitting position. 

Wedges have their slopes so they can tilt the pelvis forward, improving the inward curve of the spine. Doing this balances the body in an upright position allowing your body weight to be evenly distributed. This will help minimize tension in joints, ligaments, and disks throughout your spine.


Car cushions were primarily created to provide automobile users with better comfort when seated. Comfort goes a long way on a 12-hour road trip. It could also mean the difference between the road trip of a lifetime and the worst experience ever. 

When you stay seated for an extended period, your back and hip may begin to feel stiff. A car seat cushion lets you adjust your seating position to the contour of your body. With materials like memory foam, your seat adjusts to the shape of your body and distributes your weight throughout the seat.

Aids Digestion

Did you know that digestion is the most intense metabolic activity of the body? There is, however, a rise in digestive disorders such as GERD, heartburn, and weight gain. 

GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease starts off as mild heartburn, which indicates a weakened digestive system. Over time it develops into acid reflux. Sitting on a wedge pillow cushion can prevent digestive issues. A wedge cushion is designed to elevate your upper body and align your spine so that food can flow freely towards your stomach.

Aligns the spine

Sitting for too long can become tiring and uncomfortable. This is due to the tension on our spine. Memory foam cushions the cervix and curves the spine inward. This frees the bones and discs in the spine, therefore improving your posture. 

Relief from Blood Circulation Disorder 

Sitting for long periods on a car seat can cause Varicose veins, a health disorder caused by poor or abnormal blood flow to the leg region. A wedge pillow can prevent this from happening by relieving the pressure on the muscles around this region.

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