Clinical Studies On PT 141 Peptide

PT 141

There aren’t many entirely safe options when you’re trying to regain your sexual health and libido. However, when it comes to PT 141 peptide treatment, not only do doctors recommend it, there are plenty of happy users as well!

But, despite all the positive reviews, you still might be on the fence about trying out this treatment because you don’t know everything you need to know about it. Many clinical studies have been conducted on PT 141, and here is what they have to say about it:

What It Helps With

PT 141, also known as Bremelanotide, is a peptide treatment that aims to help with the following problems:

  • Sexual arousal and desire
  • Sexual performance 
  • Lack of healthy sexual intercourse
  • Worsening mood, stress, and depression levels

You can talk with an expert for more in-depth insights about your issues, and they can let you know whether you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment. 

What Does It Contain

PT 141 contains peptides. Peptides are short-chain amino acids that are produced by your body naturally. They are the foundation on which protein is built, and they are designed to enhance specific bodily functions.

The peptide treatment seeks to use sequences already present in your body and rejuvenate these aspects to enhance your bodily function, specifically your libido and sexual desire. There are many peptide combinations that do different things in your body, and PT 141 caters to your sexual functions. 

While conventional medication like Viagra and Cialis targets your vascular system and increases the blood flow to your sexual organs, PT 141 works differently. It targets your nervous system and ensures that everything is controlled from there. 

What Clinical Results Show

Numerous clinical studies have been conducted on PT 141, showing effective results. They had found that individuals who had been administered this treatment had a rapid increase in erectile activity when the dosage was still in their system. The results have made scientists believe it is a new and viable treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Other studies have also found that taking PT 141 through nasal spray has had just as effective results as an injection did. It is an optimal substitute for those who can’t take Viagra or Cialis. The FDA has also approved the treatment as a viable libido booster. 

Taking It with Other Treatments

Depending on which other treatments you are considering, you might be able to take PT 141 peptide medication along with it. You can consult your physician about the compatibility of different treatments with the PT 141 therapy.

However, you should remember that clinical studies have not extensively covered the efficacy of PT 141 with other treatments, so you shouldn’t try anything yourself. Ensure that you verify any other potential treatments by an expert before becoming a part of it. 

When Do Results Start to Appear

The Bremelanotide treatment isn’t medication you take regularly or even daily. It is dependent on your requirements and needs. The results for the medicine can start taking place 60 minutes after you’ve taken it. You can use the medication up to three times per week without any adverse effects.

The treatment effects will last anywhere from a day to a day and a half. Depending on the way you’re administering PT 141 also determines how quickly it takes effect on your body. You can take it through an injection, through a nasal spray, orally, or in a cream.

Clinical Studies and PT 141 Peptide

When you’re considering getting on this treatment, you can rest at ease knowing that many experts have thoroughly conducted their research on this medication. Side effects are not severe; however, it would be ideal to take nausea medication before starting the treatment.

Get your sexual desire and life back after hopping onto the PT 141 treatment! However, only administer the dosages recommended by experts and professionals. 


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