Watch out for these fantastic movies based on bitcoins!

Watch out for these fantastic movies based on bitcoins!

For the past few years, bitcoin and its blockchain technology have been attracting the mind of humans. This digital currency has made the mind of so many people invest in bitcoins by showing top presence in the market. So many people have invested and made their life easy by making transactions through this digital currency, and the numbers of investors are still not stopping. Bitcoin has taken the transaction mode to the next level, and it can be the future of transaction methods. It is one of the best-decentralized ways to make a transaction and provide an excellent security level to its user. If you are a gambling lover, then there is excellent news for you. 

You can also use this digital cash for betting and playing Online Cricket Betting ID games. The blockchain method is also taking place in the business industry, and so many companies are adopting this technology for an excellent security level. There are so many movies also being produced on this cryptocurrency one should watch them. If you want to learn about bitcoin and its blockchain technology, watching these movies can help you. In this article, we are going to discuss some of these famous movies on bitcoin. You can know more about this on general bitcoins carbon footprint.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain 

There are so many movies in which people talk about bitcoin only, and there is tiny talk about the blockchain and its unique uses. You need to know that the blockchain is a high-end technology that is changing the way of online content storage and provides top-notch security. For the hailing of this fantastic technology, the movie named the trust machine: the story of blockchain was made. If you watch this movie, then you can get the entire viewpoint of blockchain technology. This movie discusses how Satoshi Nakamoto got the idea of making blockchain, its origin, features, and applications in today’s world. This movie also portrays the fantastic advantages of the public ledger. Some personal experts’ opinions are also made on blockchain in this movie which the viewers can see and gain knowledge about it.

Life on bitcoin

We are now living in a time where people from all over the world very much appreciate bitcoin. But there is no denying the fact that this digital currency is not entirely mainstream yet. Back in the year 2014, there were a lot of investors who were finding it very difficult to explain to other people the benefits of this digital currency and accepting bitcoin payments. The movie Life on bitcoin is a movie in which two young people named Beccy Craig and Austin. They both were putting a lot of effort into using bitcoin for trading. Finally, they decide to take the challenge and live their life for 100 days only by using bitcoin. This movie is also funny in many scenes as the couple is seen convincing the other people to accept the payments from this digital currency.

Banking on bitcoin

This time is working a lot in favour of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, many new concepts are developing from the existing decentralized concept of bitcoin, such as the bitcoin banks, bitcoin ATM, etc., despite the massive popularity of bitcoin; there are still some people in the early phase of learning about this digital currency. This movie portrays many applications and explains that bitcoin is heading toward more and more growth.

 Bitcoin: the end of money as we know it

It is a great movie to watch. It tells you a lot about bitcoin and blockchain. It was released in the year 2015. In this movie, you will see more content on money, digital currencies and their functions. If you watch this movie, it will take you only one hour to know about the history of bitcoin and how it has evolved. The movie has also criticized the banks and the government for their regulation of money. It talks about how the influence of the government at the time of printing money can show the way to inflation. You will be glad to know that the movie has also recorded the interviews of various famous figures such as Vitalik Buterin en Roger on the topic of bitcoin.


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