eCommerce Promo Codes: How to Attract New Customers Using Discount Coupons?

eCommerce Promo Codes

Discounts! Cashbacks! Promo Codes! Words like these bring tremendous joy and a smile to the face of customers. Every type of customer, be it corporate, HNI or ordinary ones have this one thing in common. They all want the best possible stuff at the least possible cost. But as a company, you can’t always go around giving discounts and other promotional offers on your products every day, so what do you do then? You organize a sale on any particular holiday, say Holiday clearance sale or black friday, cyber monday, etc. This is beneficial for you in two ways. Firstly you can save a lot on logistics costs since most of your stock will be bought off in a span of a few days and secondly, you will be able to create a publicity hype which results in you gaining some new customers as well. 

Sounds like a game plan? It is. But you will need to execute this strategy very carefully and with sharp precision otherwise you will just burn your resources with no meaningful gain. You are here to do business and not engage in a charity, point to remember. Many marketing websites can help you run promotional campaigns and make out a solid marketing strategy for you too on payment of a fee. 

Rebate Key is an awesome discount and cashback website using which you can get huge traction for your product or service. Once you understand the particular psychology of your customers, it becomes easy to modify your campaigns accordingly. You may think what if you price your product lower than your competitor? Then people will buy your product. It’s not that simple.

Suppose you are a rice cooker manufacturer, your product sells for 20$ in the market and the competitor’s product sells for 19$. So you lower your price by 1$ and sell your cooker for 19$ now. It will have minimal impact on your sale. But if you price your cooker at 20$ and give a special promo code that knocks off 1$ and allows its users to buy the same product at 19$(including 1$ promo discount code), it will have a huge impact on your sales. This is consumer psychology, they just love the experience where they feel special and think that because of this they got a discount and others did not. 

Now, this promo code campaign is a sword that cuts both ways. You have to do an excellent distribution of the codes. Failing so either you will have angry customers or dissatisfied customers depending on whether you distributed less or more coupons, respectively. If you distribute too few coupons and on not-so-popular websites, you end up making your customers angry and wanting more(for the wrong reasons). If you distribute too many coupons, you will end up diluting the campaign and it will dissatisfy the customers by making them not feel special. Do thorough market research and study the data then calculate your distribution strategy and vendor. 

eCommerce Promo Codes

This is another type of indirect marketing strategy, very useful for achieving higher organic growth. There are a lot of promo codes and festive discounts and other campaigns being run by others. You could use them to attract users to your website or e-store. This is quite a simple and win-win type of marketing for almost every type of company.

This type of marketing strategy will need the coordinated work of all your marketing departments like digital, product, sales, graphics, etc. Since the promo codes can only get you a lead, you have to ultimately convert that lead into a sale right? Also, you have to build an attractive web presence or social media presence too (depending upon your type). 

How to do that?

Rebate has for you today at&t promo codes and Walgreens promo codes to help with your campaigns. Sometimes you don’t need to use your discount codes, you could offer to show your product or service while serving your customers the promo codes of others. This is an indirect method of achieving growth. For example- you offer website building services, so what you do is offer at&t promo codes on your website and while a user is browsing on the net for such codes stumble upon your website and there you go, you get a new lead. Now it’s your job to convert that lead into a sale. But simply you getting a new lead without spending much money is in itself a big deal


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