Ways to Invest in Precious Metals


In the world of investment, precious metals tend to stand as a class of their own when compared to other commodities. These items can be easily kept in your home or placed in a retirement account. Besides, their track record over the years makes them very reliable investment vehicles. 

As a result of these, many folks are turning their sights to precious metals, and trust us when we say that the rave is indeed on. This coincides with the fact that there are different ways to invest in these metals. 

Therefore, in this article, we will look at the various ways you can invest in these metals. But before we go into that, let us examine the precious metals that serve as investment vehicles:


Gold has long been a symbol and display of wealth since the days of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt. You will think that this display would have become a thing of the past; however, the story is still the same. We can even say that the demand for aurum has increased in recent times as it is being used in other industries thanks to its peculiar traits and qualities. 


More than 30 languages translate the word “silver” as “money” or “wealth”. This goes to show you just how significant this metal is as a wealth symbol. It has several industrial applications that even surpass that of gold. Hence, its demand is usually greater than that of aurum. You can visit BondsOnline.com to learn more about where you can purchase silver from.


The main industrial application of this is in the manufacture of catalytic converters found in cars. Apart from platinum, rhodium and palladium are used for the manufacture of these items. The uniqueness of these metals is their oxidizing ability. Hence, they aid in the generation of safer gas emissions from vehicles dues to this oxidizing ability. 


Palladium is not well-known like gold, silver, and palladium. However, it has more industrial applications. Sadly, its investment potential is lower than the others. 


In some circles, copper is not considered a precious metal. However, some do, which is why we have listed it. Its investment potential is the lowest and may not be available for certain types of investments. 

Ways you can invest in Precious Metals

The following are the most popular and best ways you can invest in these commodities:

1. Precious Metals IRA

With this, you can open an individual retirement account that allows you to purchase these assets with the aid of a custodian who will handle all the matters related to the account. This includes the purchase and storage of the items. 

If you are planning to invest a lot in these assets and intend to do so for a long time, then this strategy is the best for you. It would be unwise to keep metal bullion coins or bars of large quantity at your home. Doing so will expose you to theft if you aren’t careful. 

Therefore, choosing a custodian to help you manage your gold IRA will provide your assets with security that you will be unable to provide. You will only have to make monthly fee payment for storage. 

2. Dollar-Cost Average

This is a physical investment method in the sense that you must hold the item, to own it. This method requires that you invest your money as it is earned from your current job, or you could buy it throughout the year. You could choose to even combine both styles. 

The advantage of this system is that it reduces downside risk as well as purchasing at the average market price for each year. Hence, the purchase must be carried out throughout the year during peak and low periods 

Furthermore, this strategy works best for these commodities given that their market prices do not fluctuate like that which occurs in certain other financial investment markets such as cryptocurrency. 

3. ETF (Exchange-Traded Funds)

ETFs lay claim to being among the fastest rising type of investment in recent time. Read this article to see the inexorable rise of exchange-traded funds in recent times. A major reason for this growth level is the market trading ease which is made possible thanks to different apps. These apps allow users to carry out their transactions from the comfort of their homes or offices. 

The difference between ETFs and stocks is that the former has a wide range of available funds that can be used. When measuring the ETF value, the total value of the investments and assets in the ETF is calculated. 

Some ETFs allow the addition of precious metals as investment commodities during certain economic or political situations. 

4. Stocks, Futures, and Mining Companies

This involves investing in the stocks of a publicly traded mining company that mines these items. So, the investment in the company with current mining futures allows you to get profits when the commodities experience a price increase. 

5. Mutual Funds with Silver and Gold Holdings

Mutual funds with the backing of companies with silver and/or gold holdings are more common during economic crises such as depression or war. The amazing thing about this investment method is the fact that the management of the funds is handled professionally. Hence, risk within the industry is properly mitigated. 

6. Hedging

These commodities (especially gold) serve as a hedge against inflation. This understanding has been in financial circles for centuries. As a result, when the economy is tethering on the brink of collapse, most smart investors buy gold in large quantities or convert their money investments to gold. This allows them to protect their money and maintain value despite the downhill turn of the economy.     

So, while this method doesn’t necessarily make you money, it serves as a means of protecting your money. You can then profit from it in the future when you convert the asset to money. 


In the article above, we have discussed the different ways you can invest in precious metals.


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