Places to find the best breakfast in Honolulu

breakfast in Honolulu

As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it ought to be the most delicious. Skillet loco moco, Hawaiian congee, Malasadas, Acai Bowl, and pineapple pancakes with coconut syrup are some breakfast items with which Hawaiians start their day. If you ever visit Honolulu, the capital city of Hawai, you could try some of these amazing dishes. There are plenty of places that serve the best breakfast Honolulu, from cafes to bakeries and restaurants. Whether you start your day a little late or a bit too early, they will ensure you start it ideally, with a hearty meal. In this blog, you will know Places to find the best breakfast in Honolulu.

Liliha Bakery

Liliha Bakery has a timeless feeling, and you will feel it when you visit this cozy bakery. It is counted amongst the oldest bakeries in Honolulu. Just drop in one morning and place your order. The fantastic variety on the menu will leave you surprised. Cocoa puffs, pancakes, sweet French toast, crisp bacon, pastries, poi mochi doughnuts, malasadas, and butter rolls are some of the favorites among visitors. If you want a takeaway, that’s available too. 

Bogart’s Cafe

When even the locals seem enthusiastic about an eatery, it means the food must be extremely good. Bogart’s Cafe is one of them. A bit old-fashioned and small, they offer takeaway as well as in-house services. Just find an empty indoor table and enjoy your meal. A noticeable aspect of the Cafe is the menu that is handwritten on the wall. Bagel sandwich, taro pancakes, fish omelet, vegetable omelet, Acai bowl, corned beef, and coffee to wash it down. You’ll find all these on the menu and more. However, it is advisable to reach here early, as the rush keeps increasing as the day goes on.

Duke’s Waikiki

Fancy enjoying your breakfast by the beach? Make your way to Duke’s Waikiki, an open-air restaurant located just beside the beach. But try to come with an empty stomach and voracious appetite since they have a breakfast buffet on offer. You can gorge on various items, including Benedict eggs, scrambled eggs, French toast, banana pancakes, Duroc bacon, Portuguese sausage, bagels, English muffins, and fresh local fruits. For beverages, there’s traditional mimosa, wine, tea, and coffee. But remember that you will have to make a reservation. Some people make theirs three months in advance. It’s that popular!

Cafe Kaila

Cafe Kaila is no ordinary restaurant. It has received several awards and even opened a second store in Tokyo, Japan, in 2012. Even though you might find a line ahead of you, don’t be dissuaded. It moves pretty fast. You will find the wait worth it when you take a look at their comprehensive menu. It includes various options, including eggs Benedict, waffles and pancakes, scrambled eggs and vegetables, different omelets, and cinnamon French toast. You can also select items from the sides like cones, croissants, blueberry muffins, avocados, Italian sausage, oatmeal, and banana bread. The options for beverages are as varied as the food, with coffee, tea, juices, and root beer on offer.

Heavenly Island Lifestyle

Although Heavenly Island Lifestyle specializes in brunch, that’s no reason to exclude it from a list of the best breakfast options. Even though they have a massive selection of items, some of the most popular are dumplings, miso smoked pork, creamy black pepper maple, scrambled eggs, cheese bacon, sushi rice, scallions, and seasonal fruit. The menu is divided into sections like skillets, sweeter sides, baked treats, eggs, salad, and a curiously sounding one called kung-fu fighting. There’s plenty of sides available too, from pork sausage patty to white rice. Although you might have to wait for some time, you will thank yourself for it once you sit down to your meal.

These are a few options you have when it comes to enjoying breakfast in Honolulu. You should not start a day without breakfast, but you ought not to start it equally without a hearty one. Honolulu takes care of that.


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