Caring for a bouquet of flowers: all the tips

Caring for a bouquet of flowers

Taking care of a bouquet of flowers: how do you do that exactly? These are just a few simple care tips that you can do at home, but they will allow you to enjoy your bouquet for longer. This blog will be about Caring for a bouquet of flowers: all the tips.

Taking care of flowers through safe transport

Make sure you take good care of your bouquet of flowers by bringing it home safely. Protect the petals from damage during transport. The bouquets at Crea-fleur are put in special flower bags, In Sweden it’s called Torkade Blommor. They offer you the best guarantee of good protection of the petals.

Take care of your bouquet by protecting it from heat or cold. Do you have your bouquet delivered by Blommor? Then you don’t have to worry. The Crea-fleur transport buses are fully insulated to protect your bouquet against extreme temperatures.

Are you taking the bouquet home with you? Then it is good to provide your car with room temperature. Also avoid a spot in the car with direct sunlight. By always keeping the bouquet at a constant temperature and avoiding temperature fluctuations, you extend the life of your bouquet considerably.

Take care of your bouquet of flowers and water it

Remember to never run out of water in your bouquet, even if you take your bouquet home. This way the stems don’t get the chance to dry out.

The Crea-fleur bouquets are provided with water at all times through the buckets in the paper bags. You can reuse the buckets later at home or bring them back to provide a new bouquet of water.

As long as the water remains clean, you can simply top up the vase with water. Does the water get dirty? Then you remove the flowers from the vase, clean the vase thoroughly, cut the flower stems diagonally again and immediately place the flowers in the clean water.

Is one of your flowers hanging limp in the vase? Then try again to cut the flower diagonally. Then place the flower separately in a clean vase in clean water and let it stand for about an hour. Is the flower upright again? Then you can rejoin them with the rest of the flowers.

Cut the stems diagonally

Have you just received or taken home a colorful bouquet? Cut the stems diagonally and shorten them by at least two centimeters. Cutting the stems at an angle is important to maximize the drinking surface of the flower. Use a sharp, clean blade. This creates a smooth surface to which bacteria and fungi can adhere less quickly.

Care for your bouquet of flowers by placing the flowers in water immediately after cutting. The flower stem protects itself after cutting against fungi, bacteria and dehydration. That is the protection mechanism of the flower if the stem is not immediately in the water. After 1 minute, the protection mechanism has already protected the flower, so it is important to put the flower in the water right away.

Please note: for some flowers, such as tulips, it is better not to cut the flowers diagonally but straight. Ask your florist for advice on how to cut your plants.


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