5 Tips To Secure Your Home

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Whether you have bought a new house or have lived in your home for a while, security should be your top priority. Security in your home protects you and your family and gives you peace of mind when at home. Having a secure home may also reduce your home insurance premium by 20%. This blog will discuss about the 5 tips to secure your home.

Every few seconds, there is a burglary happening somewhere, and if you want to ensure you are not part of the statistics, you should secure your home. Here are some tips you can implement to secure your home

1. Secure your doors

Inspect all your doors and ensure that when closed, they are secure. Check the locks, hinges, or better still, get security doors from Adelaide Security Door Company

Security doors are stronger than standard doors and will deter burglars from trying to break into your home. There are different types of security doors to choose from. Some even compliment your décor, so you don’t have to compromise on style when securing your home.

2. Lock your windows

Windows are a common entryway for criminals, and most people forget to lock them when they are away or when they retire for the night. Always ensure your windows are locked when you leave the house or when you go to bed. Remember also to replace window locks that are broken. 

You can also install a window security film and sensors on the window to alert you of any attempted burglary. Alternatively, you can also add grilles and bars for added security.

3. Install a security and surveillance system

Nowadays, there are different options you can choose to suit your home and budget. Setting up cameras, for example, will help you watch out for any suspicious activity around the compound, and you can alert the police in time. Surveillance systems can also be triggered when someone tries to access the doors or windows.

Burglars also keep off homes with surveillance security cameras. You can also install motion sensors that set off an alarm when set off. This one is great because you can activate it when you are away from your home. Immediately the alarm is set off, the security company or the police will be alerted, and they will be at your house in minutes.

4. Lighting around your home

Invest in good lighting around your home, especially at night. Eliminate blind spots and dark areas where burglars are likely to hide. 

You can install lights with motion sensors or floodlights that light up your whole compound. It will make it easier for you to pick up any suspicious movement around your home.

5. Invest in home automation

Recent technology has made it easier for homeowners to use gadgets to perform simple things in the house, like switching on and off the lights using your mobile phone. If you have a smart home, it is easier to check on your house even when you are away at work or on vacation. 

You can check every room in your house using surveillance through your phone. Some alert you every time a door or window is opened. Smart doorbells will call your phone every time someone rings the bell, and it has a camera to record any activity on your front door.

Home automation helps you get real-time alerts on any suspicious activity to alert the authorities and foil any burglary attempts.


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