Unique and luxury Dubai Experiences That Travelers Must Try

luxury Dubai Experiences

Dubai – the land of supercars the land of sheikhs, as well as splendor seems to be one of the favorite destinations of celebrities, high profile corporates and the occasional billionaire or two. Dubai is the best place for enjoying a lavish holiday beyond your wildest dreams. When it comes to Dubai, you start thinking luxury everything. Luxury yachts, luxury resorts, luxury safaris, luxury hotels, and top-tier luxury in just everything. It is fascinating to know that, Dubai, the city of gold offers plenty of luxury experiences that’ll make you long to be back in Dubai time and again. In this blog, you will about unique and luxury Dubai experiences that travelers must try.

In order to help you get to know more about the luxurious experiences in Dubai, here we have put together a list of some of the most unique and luxury experiences that you can partake in while visiting Dubai.

Stay at A Hotel With 24K Gold Soap- Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, from soap with 24K gold flakes to custom-designed French bathrobes, offers a variety of luxurious in-suite amenities in order to keep the guests relaxed and pampered. The rich and famous must book The Royal Bridge Suitt, at more than $20K per night, is known as one of the world’s most expensive stay. These 3,000 sq. feet of ultra-lux offers the sweeping views of the Palm. It also includes a private guarded entrance and elevator, a private library, a media and game room, chefs and butlers.

Along with this, the guests of the luxury suite can also enjoy custom-made sheets significantly designed robes by French brand D. Porthault.  

Indulge in Opulent Culinary Experiences

There are numerous unique dining experiences to be had in Dubai. Within Atlantis, you must discover the underwater eatery Ossiano. Ossiano is an amazing venue that sees marriage proposals than any other spot. The entire place is enchanting 32-foot panes into the Lost Chambers Aquarium’s 65,000+ animals.

You must try the foie gras berries with hibiscus for that is loath to find anywhere else. Have an Iranian caviar that costs over $1000 for 50 grams. Moreover, at at Seafirehouse, order 350g of Kobe tenderloin for $270. At the Palm’s Nobu, guests find Nobu Matsuhisa’s Japanese fare with an environmental twist. The entire location offers the restaurant group’s first garden terrace.

As a fun fact, keep in consideration that the resort’s most expensive meal was a record-breaking $49,000 for a table of 4. However, at the hotel’s Hakkasan, the guests find dishes exclusive to Dubai. The popular dishes include shimeji and chili, wok-seared tiger prawns with asparagus, and a sautéed scallop with salted olive. 

Shop Until You Drop—At the Dubai Mall- 1200 Stores!

If you thought you have shopped until you dropped before, yes, you obviously never encountered the Dubai Mall. This luxury mall comprises over 1200 retail outlets, and a 22-theater multiplex cinema. Along with this, the UAE’s largest virtual reality park and an underwater zoo and aquarium is also located in the Dubai mall. You can have an ice rink, go-karting as well as every dining option under the sun. Dubai Mall is an avenue for you in order to fill your Dubai travel experience with luxurious shopping.

Ranging from an amazing collection of eateries to UAE’s biggest VR park as well as an imposing network of retail outlets, the Dubai Mall can magnify any tourist’s experience.

Hire a Luxury Yacht Cruise

Do you want to ride a luxurious yacht on the waters of Dubai? Select from a large fleet of yachts. Once your shopping has been dropped off at home, you can spend your afternoon relaxing aboard a luxury yacht. Yacht rental Dubai offers variety of models with various packages. Alternatively, you can hire a luxury yacht that go around Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab, and numerous other exclusive landmarks from your luxurious deck lounger

During your cruise, you’ll be pampered with concierge services, plus an excellent food and drinks. A luxury yacht is the most-loved party venue that has all the top-notch facilities in order to impress the guests. With the flybridge, lounges, master bedrooms, sundeck, pools, and kitchen promise the one-of-a-kind journey. Moreover, the Yachts can also be decorated as per themes for making the party more enjoyable. 

Savour the Moment with 23-carat Ice Cream

Reading the title, you may think that the writer has gone mad. However, this city of gold has edible gold ice cream. At a colossal AED 3,000 per scoop, enjoy the world’s most expensive ice cream. If you want this luxurious experience, visit Scoopi Café on Jumeirah Beach Road. The extravagant black diamond ice cream with the blend of Madagascan vanilla. The slices of Italian black truffle and strands of Iranian saffron are garnished with 23-carat edible gold leaf. The scoop is served in a Versace dish. 

When you are in a city, the synonymous with the term ‘luxury’, the holiday will be filled with lots of surprises. If you are looking for one of the unique and luxury experiences in Dubai, the sky’s the limit. 

Luxury Drive in a Limousine

If there is an ultimate luxury vehicle, it would be a sleek limousine. Be it sightseeing a special occasion, riding in a limousine is not only exciting but it is comfortable too. Be it a group of friends as well as with your beloved, the luxury limousine tour is the highlight of your whole trip. Relax in the plush seats of the limousine along with a glass of your favorite beverage while watching the city move past, in style. Book the limousine on hourly basis, depending on your requirements.

Go for a Premium Desert Safari

Before the opulent resorts and skyscrapers Dubai was just a desert. The city has a rich heritage that poles apart from the glossy part of it. For a unique as well as luxury experience, you can go to the desert and spend a day there by using a car hire in Dubai to explore the beautiful desert. It is fascinating to know that; desert safari promises a matchless luxury experience to all. An SUV take you for a crazy drive over the dunes known as dune bashing. It will awaken the thrill-seeker in you.

Camel rides, Sandboarding, and quad biking, are the other fun activities. you can also get a rare chance for watching traditional dance performances like Tanura and Belly dance. However, the ends with a premium dinner buffet. Desert safari is one of the most luxury experiences in Dubai.

Do you want a luxurious overnight desert safari and pretend to be a Bedouin for a day? Yes, you can, with the help of Dubai’s intensely luxurious desert safaris. A luxurious day trip will take you to the desert for a scintillating dune bashing and quad biking. As the sun sets, lounge back on silk cushions to enjoy hot and sweet Arabian coffee. Let the henna artists soak the hands and feet in fragrant herbs. You have never been pampered as much, as you will be in luxurious overnight desert safari Dubai.

Reach New Heights- Private Hot Air Balloon

The Dubai deserts are known for their majestic beauty. One of the interesting ways to enjoy this beauty is to go on a hot air balloon ride. Mostly, the hot air balloon rides start at dawn as give you the best opportunity to enjoy a glorious sunrise as the sand dunes get a golden hue. Get the chance to spot the flora and fauna of the desert that is unlikely to happen during a regular desert safari. 

In order to make the trip extra special, you can opt for a private hot air balloon ride that’s perfect for couples. It’s tough to put into words how magical a hot air balloon ride over the desert is. Just imagine how much more special it would be having a private experience on hot air balloon. 

Floating on cloud nine while watching the sun rise from the Hajar mountains is worth watching. After a flight, you will be escorted to an exclusive desert in a Royal desert retreat where you will be savored on a delicious gourmet breakfast. After that, take a wildlife drive inside the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Have High Tea at Burj Khalifa- The World’s Tallest Building

At 2,700 square feet, the Burj Khalifa, is the highest building. Although Tom Cruise gave the skyscraper street cred in Mission Impossible, we suggest you not to try his antics at home. However, what to do instead? It would be best to sit back in the lush couches while enjoying an assortment of fresh bakes as well as delicate desserts with a selection of the finest tea or coffee. 

When you are in a city, the synonymous with the term unique and luxury, makes your holiday filled with lots of surprises. However, if you are looking for the luxury experiences in Dubai, the sky’s the limit. You must these things for sure as well as find oodles of other things in the city by yourself.

Book a helicopter ride

In a rush or can’t bother travelling by road? There’s best reason why Dubai’s five-star hotels have their own helipads. Hotels such as the Burj Al Arab offer a helicopter ride for the guests who want to spend a few days of indulgence as well as who want to pop in for high tea.

Just book a sky-high travel arrangement through their concierge. However, if you loathe traffic, you can avoid it by hiring a private helicopter for sightseeing. Fly from your hotel, if it has a helipad, to the desert, as well as enjoy the stunning skyline of Dubai. If you like spotting fauna of the UAE, take the chopper to exotic islands like the Sir Baniyas Island and Yas Marina Circuit as well as see Arabian Oryx and Giraffe.

The Luxurious Sightseeing Experience- Dhow Dinner Cruise

There’s nothing quite like sailing in a renovated luxury dhow, along the pristine waters of the Dubai Marina, the Dubai Creek as well as the Dubai Canal. These three seafronts are significantly designed for giving you the maximum pleasure

Feast your eyes on the landmark buildings of Dubai Marina. Enjoy the incredible bridges and exclusive design work of the Dubai Canals. Explore the old-world charm and the stunning architecture of the Dubai Creek. 

Sign up for an evening cruise in order to enjoy the lovely sights along the shores bathed in moonlight. Enjoy a fabulous on-board dinner and belly dancers gyrate for your pleasure. Dhow cruise Dubai Marina is the perfect option to dine out. These traditional wooden boats are refurbished, with each and every detail overflowing with extravaganza.  

These are a few of unique and luxury things to do in Dubai that show you the opulent and privileged side of the city. Besides these, there are numerous other activities in order to enjoy in privacy. However, any reputed destination management company can help you a lot to enjoy comfort, adventure, and unique experiences in Dubai.


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