How To Make Mexican Rice: Recipe And History Of The Delicacy

How To Make Mexican Rice
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Isn’t Mexican rice one of the best delicacies ever? Mexican rice or Spanish rice is one of the best dishes to try. While you may consider it to be international cuisine, it is widely followed in India too. Hence, many people are now trying to learn how to make Mexican rice. 

Veg Mexican rice with gravy is something that will leave you licking your fingers. Well, you may want to learn how to make Mexican rice for burritos. There is a wide range of recipes you can try. It is advisable to try the recipe that suits you the best. 

How To Make Mexican Rice
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The Mexican rice is usually veg which is why you may want to try out one accordingly. At the same time, you must maintain the balance of spices. 

What is Mexican Rice? 

Mexican rice is red. It may appear fiery, but it will be of great help. The best part about Mexican rice is that it is topped with gravy. Honestly, there’s nothing better than trying out veg Mexican rice with gravy. 

If you like Mexican rice, you may want to try out other variations too. One of the popular variations of Mexican rice that you can try is fried rice. Well, you may want to try coconut curry with fried rice. Mexican rice is also known as Spanish rice. It is topped with vegetables which is why it can be a better choice. However, if you experiment with the recipe, you can also consider trying it out with some chicken. 

History of Mexican Rice

Mexican rice is a staple dish in the Northern coast of Mexico. However, it is not of Spanish or Mexican origin. Not many details are available about the history of Mexican rice. However, some details indicate how this rice got its name. 

Mexican’s native isn’t rice. So, how is it Mexican rice, right? Rice was brought to Mexico sometime around 1500. The Spanish people also started to import goats, pigs and cattle. However, they continued to travel the world and import rice and wheat. 

Because the Spanish introduced rice to Mexico, it came to be known as Spanish rice. Many people also believe that it is named so because Mexicans speak Spanish. As a result, they prepare this dish. Therefore, it has the name Spanish rice. 

The Red Colour of Spanish Rice

Many people consider the red colour of Spanish rice to be because of the spices. However, it isn’t. The spices do play an important role in maintaining the colour of rice. However, most red colour of the rice is because of the salsa and tomato sauce. 

How To Make Mexican Rice
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Many people consider using salsa instead of tomato puree and sauce because it provides a better colour. Furthermore, it also contributes a burst of flavours which is why you may want to try it. 

Characteristics of Mexican rice

Once you learn how to make Mexican rice, things will become pretty easy for you. It is necessary to be familiar with the ingredients to get the right balance of the dish. In Mexico, different regions serve different types of rice. 

If you order rice on the Northern coast, you are likely to get Mexican rice. The traditional Mexican rice is cooked in broth and tomato puree. However, it is necessary to maintain the balance of tomato puree and broth. Nonetheless, if you order rice in South Mexico, you are likely to get white plain rice. 

People add garlic, onion, broth and tomato to add flavour. This eventually ensures that it is their way of preparing rice. The other names are Arroz Rojo and Arroz. 

What are the ingredients for Mexican rice?

If you want to prepare Mexican rice, you need to make a choice accordingly. The right ingredients will play an important role in preparing the best Mexican rice. Here are some of the prominent ingredients that can be helpful for the preparation of Mexican rice:

  • Garlic salt
  • ground cumin
  • Vegetable oil
  • Chicken broth
  • Onion
  • Tomato sauce/salsa

It is extremely necessary to choose the ingredients carefully. The measure of ingredients will contribute towards the flavour outburst in the dish. You can also add extra ingredients for a better flavour to the dish. Therefore, it is a healthy food choice.

How to make Mexican rice? 

Making Mexican rice at home is pretty easy if you know the steps. Here’s everything you need to do for preparing the Mexican rice. 

How To Make Mexican Rice
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  • Heat the oil in a skillet. Do not overheat it. Make sure to medium-heat it. You can add carrots, bell pepper and onion, five minutes. Make sure to allow the oil to heat it. It would help if you stirred fry the vegetables until they become translucent. Then you should add some grain. Toast the grains for some time before simmering it. 
  • Pour diced tomatoes and broth. It is advisable to add oregano, cumin and a teaspoon. After you have added these ingredients, you should bring them to a boil. The next thing you should do is cover and reduce the heat. 
  • Simmer and allow the rice to cook. The rice will absorb liquid. Make sure to stir it for around 17-20 minutes. 
  • After stirring, you should add some cilantro. 

Tomato salsa and sauce is also a great addition to give it a tinge of tangy flavour. While many people consume it as a side dish, it effectively fills a burrito. 

You may take a look at different Mexican rice recipe videos. Once you know which vegetables to add, the preparation will become easier. Moreover, if you use pressure instead of a skillet, the rice preparation will become fast. If you want a slightly Indian tinge to it, you can add corn and carrots too. It can definitely serve as an ideal food for your diet

Final Thoughts

There are different Mexican rice recipes to try. However, initially, you need to learn how to make Mexican rice in easy steps. In India, Mexican rice and coconut curry are a great combination for better flavour. 

Mexican rice can turn out to be a perfect complimentary dish to Mexican beans. Refried beans are, however, one of the best choices to add to Mexican rice. It goes along the best with main Mexican dishes such as tacos, picadillo and more. It is delicious and super easy to make.


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