Light Up Your Room With Neon Moon Sign

Neon Moon Sign

A neon sign is a piece of art and lighting that you can use to brighten any space. It is made from tubes containing neon gas and, when electricity flows through the gas, it glows. You can use a neon sign for home, business, kids’ room, bedroom, birthday party, wedding party, etc. Now you can get signs made from LED lights and PVC piping, and they are available in different colors. Lots of varieties are available for LED neon signs. So we have come up with an outstanding design of neon sign named moon LED neon sign. Everyone should have the moon neon sign for their rooms. Keep reading to know everything about this LED neon sign:

About Neon Moon Sign

The Moon neon sign is a beautiful neon sign of a crescent moon shape. This moon LED neon sign is perfect to use as art wall lighting decor. You can hang or mount this sign in your bedroom, kid’s room, or any other space in your house. The bright white light of this neon sign will brighten your home at night. This moon-shaped decor light is also suitable for wedding party decor, birthday parties, or other events. The best thing about this neon sign is that it is made from LED lights and PVC Piping. So it is eco-friendly and safe to use in your home. It has a cool temperature, and it does not generate heat and noise. Moon neon light is better than other traditional neon signs that break easily and consume more electricity.

You can buy this beautiful moon-shaped neon sign from Echo Neon. They are the first LED neon maker in the US. Their neon signs are of premium quality and last longer than traditional neon signs. Moon neon sign from Echo Neon is handmade and contains no toxic gases. It requires low energy of 17W. This moon sign comes with a 6ft long cord, a 3ft long cable with a wall plug and switch, and a mounting kit. You will have some color options to choose from for this sign. So, the moon LED neon sign from Echo Neon will make your home shining and beautiful.

Cost And Delivery Of Neon Moon Sign

Echo Neon is selling the moon-shaped neon sign at a reasonable price. You will feel satisfied after spending money on it. It is affordable to use as it uses less electricity. LED lighting in this sign lasts longer and does not use much energy. So there will be no impact on your electricity bill. You can purchase Moon Neon Sign from Echo Neon at the cost of $128.00. If you want a remote dimmer control with this sign, you have to pay $10 more. So purchase this moon neon light to add brightness to your room at home.

It takes 2-3 weeks for the delivery of the moon neon sign. After you place the order, the process for production begins. Then the process of shipping starts. It takes 5-7 business days for production and 6-8 business days for shipment in the US. For the safety of the packaging of the neon sign, Echo Neon uses bubble wrap inside a corrugated cardboard box.

Benefits Of Using Moon Neon Sign

After using the moon neon sign, you will get multiple benefits. We have mentioned some of the best advantages of this neon sign:

  • Safe To Use

It is a modern neon sign made from PVC piping, so it is not easy to break. Moon neon sign does not contain any harmful gases. So you can use this LED neon sign in your home without any tension. It is kid-safe as well.

  • Long Lifespan

Moon neon sign is made from the best quality materials. The LED lights of this sign last longer than other lighting or signage. It will last longer for around a decade if you use it properly. So this moon-shaped neon sign has a long lifespan.

  • Easy Installation

You will not face any problem in installing a moon neon sign in your room. It comes with a clear acrylic backing hiding beneath the neon sign. You will also get a mounting kit with this sign.

  • Energy-Efficient

This moon LED neon sign uses less electricity as compared to other signage. The traditional neon signs use more energy and also impact the electricity bill. So you will not face these problems with the moon neon sign as it is energy efficient.

Other Neon Signs From Echo Neon

Echo Neon has many beautiful neon sign design options to decorate and lighten your home. You can see other cool ideas for the best quality neon signs. Keep reading to see some of the best neon signs from Echo Neon:

  • Breathe Neon Sign

It is a neon sign displaying the text breathe. So breathe neon sign is perfect to use in your living room, bedroom, and study room. This sign will remind you to breathe when you feel anxious. It is available in different colors. So this breathe neon sign will light up your home.

  • Mother and Child Neon Sign

It is a beautiful neon sign showing the image of a mother holding her child. If a new baby is born in your home, you should have this neon sign. It is perfect to use at night. Mother and child neon sign is also perfect to use at child-focused businesses.

  • Wings Neon Sign

It is a unique and attractive neon sign of wings shape. This neon sign is perfect to use at home, cafe, or restaurant. It will add light and colors to a dull space. This neon sign has LED lights that use less electricity. It is one of the best neon signs of Echo Neon.

  • Unicorn Neon Sign

If you want to add different colors and glow to your home, you can use a unicorn neon sign. This sign displays the image of a unicorn. It shows the colors like white, pink, blue, red, and green. It is safe for children as it does not contain any harmful gases.


At Echo Neon, you can purchase premium quality neon signs. The moon-shaped neon sign is a best seller of this online neon sign shop. It will produce a great atmosphere in your house. Also, this sign will help to lighten your mood. So if you are looking for the best neon sign, you can buy a moon LED neon sign. 


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