How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

Window Replacement Cost

A window seal can be quite expensive; however, there are many factors to consider when discussing the cost of a new window. The first factor is what kind of windows you have in your home. If you have single-paned windows, then you will need to replace them with double-pane windows in order for them to reduce the amount of heat lost through your windows.

The average cost of double window installation is $350 per window, which comes out to $700 for just two windows. If your home has more than one set of windows, you will need to multiply that number by the number of sets in your home.

It is also important to consider what types of old windows are being replaced when installing the new windows. If you have old aluminum windows with no storms, then you will need to add the cost of new storm windows along with the average price of installation for single-pane windows, which is $250 per window, or an additional $500.

The final factor determining what your replacement windows will cost is if there are any options on your windows that you would like to add. There are options such as low-E glass, high-efficiency gas-filled windows, and so on, which can add an additional $100-$300 to the cost of your windows.

So for a single-family home with all standard features and single-pane windows, the average cost will be about $1400 for all four windows.

Tips For Windows Installation

Do Replacements Yourself

If you have the right tools and materials, replacing a window can be a relatively simple job, even for a novice do-it-yourselfer. The cost savings from doing it yourself can be significant as well.

Install a Storm Window

Storm windows not only improve a window’s energy efficiency they also increase its life expectancy. When installed correctly, storm windows can add to the value of your home as well.

Replace Windows in Stages

Replacing several at once is more cost-efficient than doing them individually – especially if you have a large home.

Upgrade Your Window Style

If you’re looking for an immediate upgrade, consider replacing your existing windows with larger and more stylish models. Larger models often use the same sashes and other exterior components as smaller ones which will reduce costs.

Get a Professional Opinion

A contractor’s quote should provide not only the cost of your replacement windows but what kind of impact the installation will have on your home’s value.

Compare Window Manufacturers

Window replacement prices vary greatly from one manufacturer to another – so get quotes from three or more suppliers before making a purchase decision.

Buy Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are more energy-efficient than single-pane models and have a high resale value as well.

Consider New Vinyl Windows

Vinyl replacement windows will cut down on drafts, help insulate your home and add beauty to its exterior.

Consider Secondary Glazing

If you live in a colder climate, secondary glazing can significantly improve the warmth of your home with little or no increase in energy usage.


The average cost for all four replacement windows is $1,400. Of that, the price of labour will be around $500, so take this number and divide it by four to get your total replacement window cost per window which comes out to about $350. This price accounts for standard features such as low-E glass, UV protection, and argon gas. Remember, you can add extra features to your windows, such as low-E glass, high-efficiency gas-filled windows, and so on, which would add an additional $100-$300 to the cost of each window. The average size for replacement windows is around 26 x 44 x 1.



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