Top Things to See In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


If you are due to be traveling to Mexico, then it is highly likely that part of your trip at the very least will consist of visiting Puerto Vallarta. This is one of the most visited parts of the country, and with good reason. Not only does it offer some beautiful sights and a varied and interesting culture, it is also one of the best places to go when you want to experience a wide variety of experiences. Apart, the city has a great selection of restaurants offering local cuisine and a vast selection of high-class Puerto Vallarta resorts and hotels that will fulfil all your wishes – from boutique to all-inclusive.

But with so much to do and see in Puerto Vallarta, how can you know where to begin? Here are some of the top things to get you started.

1. Malecon Boardwalk

This is one of the very first things anyone will always recommend to you about visiting Puerto Vallarta, and that is advice that you really should listen to. The Malecon Boardwalk is a vibrant area which is full of the town’s overall spirit, and it is peppered with sculptures by some of the area’s best artists too. You’ll also find arts and crafts galleries and plenty of interesting and unique shops to dive into. It’s a great place to meet others too.

2. Romantic Zone

If you are looking for something a little different with your partner, you should definitely find the time to check out the so-called romantic zone on the other side of the Cuale River. This is known as an LGBT-friendly area, and it is full of trendy restaurants and coffee shops, so it’s also just a great place to hang out for pretty much anyone. It also has one of the livelier nightlifes of anywhere in Puerto Vallarta, so it’s worth looking into if that’s the kind of experience you are looking for.

3. Marina Vallarta

This is a bustling, and very important, hub for the city, and although it is a little more on the stressful side compared to some other areas in the local spot, it is also somewhere that you should see as long as you are in the area. After all, it is also home to some of the best hotels not just in Mexico but the whole world, and if you are after some top restaurants and bars then there is really nowhere better to look in all of Puerto Vallarta. The Marina Vallarta is a must-see for all kinds of travelers to this region.

4. Botanical Gardens

Even if you have been to see other botanical gardens in the world, the ones in Vallarta are well-known for being one of the most fascinating and beautiful sights in the world, and they are well worth visiting if you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta at any time. These botanical gardens have a variety of sections, from cactus gardens to a tropical fruit orchard, so there is plenty to discover that you might find to be particularly exotic.

There you have it – those are the top things to see while you are in Puerto Vallarta. Make sure to check these out at the very least while you are there.


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