Fight the Tech Dependencies with Parental Control Apps

Tech Dependencies

We are living in an increasingly digital world, with new apps being built every single day. Teenagers and children today are growing up getting to know how to use smartphones and tablets, and they’re learning most of their schooling through apps on their smart devices. This exposure to technology from such a young age is necessary in some ways; growing up with technology puts children at an advantage when they get to adulthood. As parents, however, we are right to be concerned by the increased tech dependencies today. 

You might always feel like your kids are on their screens all the time. No, really, all the time. While it’s not always for gaming and social media, limits do need to be imposed so that your children can experience a balance between life on screens and life away from them. Nagging them doesn’t always work – and who wants to spend time nagging, anyway? The best thing that you can do for your children and your peace of mind, is to think about parental control apps. Not only will you be able to set screen limits, you can do it with just a conversation with your kids. Below, we’ve got a few of the ways that parental control apps like this one can help you to set screen time limits:

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App Blockers

There are certain apps out there that aren’t particularly child friendly, and if you enable app blockers on parental control apps, you can block the content you don’t want the kids to see. You can then ensure their safety while also keeping them using an approved list of apps instead of apps they know they cannot use.

Kiosk Mode

Have you ever heard of this one? This is a mode that allows you to customize your children’s home screen for the apps that you have deemed to be appropriate. They won’t be able to access other apps, and this can help them to get the use out of the apps they can use and then they won’t play much after that.

Setting Limits

There are some parental control apps that enable you to set a timer for use. Once the timer is up, the apps lock and children cannot continue to use their apps any longer. This will allow you to control how long they spend on their screens before they are done for the day. You can come to a compromise with how long they will be allowed on the apps, especially if you have teenagers.

Technology is great. It comes with a huge list of advantages, but it comes with disadvantages, too. You don’t have to be afraid of the internet – and neither do your children. Knowledge is power and with the right parental control apps, you and your kids can enjoy the benefits of technology without any of the stress that comes with it. Limiting screen time is not a punishment for your kids; it’s a way to teach them to be disciplined and keeps them safe from possible exposure to cyberbullying. 

We’re moden parents in a smart generation; be smart, too.


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