How to Avoid Sewage Backup In Your Basement

Sewage Backup In Basement

Water damage can be a problematic situation for you in many ways. For most parts, it is worse when it enters your home and floods it without any warning. What are you to do at this point? Well, one of the major causes for such a situation is almost always sewage backup. Let’s see how to avoid sewage backup in your basement.

Sewer backup occurs when water starts flowing backward inside your property. It is not only a hassle to deal with, but may also cause several health hazards that leave you thinking twice about what to do next. But do not worry. We have the correct fix for this problem. 

In this article, we will take you through different ways to avoid sewage backup in your basement. But before we move ahead, make sure you take a look at this link for more relevant information- It is bound to help you. 

Primary Reasons For Sewer Backup 

Now, you may be wondering how a sewage backup occurs in the first place. Well, that happens when a particular object stands in the way of its normal flow, thereby blocking its path. As a result, the sewage is barricaded from traveling from the house to the city’s sewage system. That is why, with no room for escape, the wastewater starts to flow back into the household, causing immense trouble and a foul smell. If this keeps on happening for a long time, it may cause the risks of malaria and dengue to grow. 

That is why it is significant to discuss some important factors why sewage backup occurs: 

  1. If a sewage line is broken or collapses. 
  2. Excessive rainwater penetrates the sewage. 
  3. Tree roots penetrating the sewage lines.
  4. A failure of the sump pump.
  5. The city sanitary systems are blocked.
  6. Sewage systems have been left untreated for a long time. 

How To Combat The Issue Of Sewer Backup?

Now that we know what causes this problem, it is essential to come up with significant benefits to deal with the same. That is why we must try to figure out the main ways we can solve this problem. Take a look below for the same- 

  • Perform A Backwater Valve Installation

A backwater valve lets the water from different spaces like bathtubs and toilets flow out of your house. This water that flows out of the home starts flowing in a backward direction, which may cause the valve to either close or stop after a point. By seeking assistance from a suitable plumber, you can look into its installation in no time. Such a thing can significantly reduce the issue of sewage backup. 

  • Keep The Toilet Unclogged 

Often, we tend to flush down papers, cigarettes, and so much more into the toilet. Sometimes, we also allow human hair to flush down the toilet. But what we consistently fail to understand is that this can quickly become a primary reason for sewer backup. That is why you need to keep the bathroom unclogged so that the drainage systems remain as clean as possible. Also, try and avoid throwing diapers into it. This may increase the chances of health hazards in your environment. 

  • Keep The Sink Clean 

Similar to keeping the toilet clean, we must make sure that our sinks are also unclogged. Often, we tend to throw coffee grinds, hair, and so much more into the sink. This eventually flows into the drainage system and blocks its normal flow. Greasy foods and other items that clog materials in the garbage need to be avoided as much as possible. So, make sure you do that without any failure. 

How To Spot The Issue Of A Sewer Backup?

Sometimes, spotting the issue of a sewer backup may seem like a hard day’s task. This is because it can require precise detection that you won’t be able to deal with properly. But if you find these signs in the system, we recommend you connect with your plumber at the earliest. 

  1. Foul smell releasing from the drainage system.
  2. A few drains in your home are clogged.
  3. It was bubbling once you had flushed the toilet. 
  4. Strange toilet flushing problems. 
  5. Uncommon water backup problems. 

These are some of the most critical signs that your sewage backup is starting to exist. As soon as you notice any of these issues in your washroom, it is best to call upon a plumber and get the issue fixed immediately. If you do not fix it on time, you may have to deal with more severe problems relating to the same. Also, it will become more difficult for you to use your drains, toilets, and bathtubs properly. 

Now, it relies upon where you are residing that your municipal corporation might decide to send an investigator. This will help you to chalk out the issue relating to the same. It will help analyze if the case sustains in the primary sewer or the pipe located inside your home. 

Can You Receive Covers For Sewer Backups From Home Insurance?

Generally, it is difficult for you to get your hands on home insurance covering sewer backups. However, many insurance firms offer such covers at your service. These may be available at a low amount as an add-on. But you need to find out about them and make sure that the cover it offers is suitable for your needs. In case you do not already own a cover for this purpose, you may seek assistance from your broker. They can help you map out your eligibility criteria for the same. 

The Bottom Line 

Since you do not want to be responsible for this mess, it is wise to rely on the best plumbers who can help you out. Bear in mind that the plumbers you hire are intelligent, instant, and provide services at cost-effective rates. So, what keeps you waiting? Make sure you opt for such services in no time. We promise it will help you out as far as possible. Try it out today for the best experience. 



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