The Best Months To Clean Your Home’s Exterior

Workers cleaning the roof of moss and dirt with a high pressure cleaner. Secured with a safety rope.

As homeowners, we know that maintaining our property is part of our responsibility. And when it comes to cleaning the inside, it often comes naturally. From washing the dishes to vacuuming to deep cleaning the bathroom, these are all chores that we can remember to tackle, as we live with the chaos otherwise. Tasks that need to be done outdoors, however, seem to be handled less frequently. But that doesn’t mean we can neglect our home’s exterior completely. Let’s see the best months to clean your home’s exterior.

From cleaning windows to clearing out gutters to power washing the patio, there is always something that can be done outside. Fortunately, professional companies, such as, are ready and willing to lend a hand. But is there a specific time of the year that you should be reaching out for assistance? Let’s take a look at some of the best months to clean your home’s exterior.

The Best Time of the Year to Clean Your Home’s Exterior

While there isn’t a wrong time to clean the exterior of your home, there are certainly a few seasons that allow for the results to pay off that much more. Many experts would recommend cleaning your exterior twice a year: once in the late fall and again in the spring.

In Canada, we get the full experience when it comes to seasons. While this can be beautiful to watch, it does mean that the changing outdoors can have an impact on your home. In the fall, leaves, pinecones, and other debris will drop and begin to accumulate in your eavestroughs, against your fences, and in small nooks and crannies. If left alone, snow will combine with the ageing leaves and create build-up, particularly in the eavestroughs. Plus, this combination of leaves and moisture can lead to bacteria, mould, fungus, and other unhealthy growth. Therefore, by cleaning out your gutters and removing all debris before the snow falls, you can be sure that your eavestroughs will work properly, thus leading all melting snow away from your home.

The Worst Time of the Year to Clean Your Home’s Exterior
Senior man cleaning leafs out of gutter.More of this model.

Then, as winter fades into spring and the snow begins to melt away, you are left with a sometimes unsightly collection of snow mould and debris that the snow had been previously hiding. By power washing your patio, deck, and siding, you can remove any dirt, grime, or debris build-up that has been left behind, thus setting you up for a fresh start for the year. Plus, this decreases the number of irritations that people who suffer from seasonal allergies may experience.

The Worst Time of the Year to Clean Your Home’s Exterior

Ultimately, try to avoid any exterior home cleaning during the winter months or when temperatures are below freezing. From a personal standpoint, it’s not going to be a ton of fun wading through snow to remove frozen chunks of leaves and ice from your eavestroughs. Meanwhile, from a safety point of view, any liquids you use in the chore will freeze, thus potentially becoming a slipping hazard. Plus, with snow covering up a lot of your cement and siding, you won’t be able to tell how effective your cleaning job was anyway!

Other Times To Consider Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Ultimately, you don’t need to limit yourself to cleaning the exterior of your home twice a year if you believe that to be insufficient. If you experience a severe storm or if trees surround your property, you may find additional debris building up, thus negatively affecting your property. By responding appropriately to the elements surrounding your home, you can maintain the condition of your home at a time that is convenient for you.

Most importantly, be safe while cleaning your home. If you ever need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional.



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