Are Blinds or Curtains More Modern?

Blinds or Curtains More Modern
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When it comes to the question of whether blinds or curtains or moderns, there is actually a fair amount of nuance to consider. After all, most window treatments these days are fairly modern compared to traditional standards. But, there are certainly some styles that win out in the battle between new and old. Let’s see blinds or curtains more modern.

The Many Advantages of Blinds

In most cases, this is actually going to be blinds. Horizontal or vertical blinds are just newer designs that offer a lighter, brighter environment than traditional curtains. We’ll get into more of the disadvantages of curtains later as well, but for now, let’s just look at what the other benefits of blinds are.

Instead of just talking about vertical blinds, let’s briefly change the subject to roman blinds. You might assume that the ancient nature of these window treatments makes them a non-starter in this conversation about modernization, but that simply isn’t the case. They have really adapted to the modern home, and newer styles combine all the eye-catching detail you want with all the convenience of easy-to-use pull cords and other movement mechanisms.

And this is the oldest style of blinds we’re talking about! When you look at Venetian, horizontal or vertical blinds, these benefits are only made more obvious. Plus, they can be easily automated, making them even more of a modern creature’s comfort. And we haven’t even got to all the colours, materials, styles and other customization options that make them truly spectacular!

Blinds and Window treatments - Window coverings in home with view of the ocean
Window coverings in home with view of the ocean

The Many Disadvantages of Curtains

Now, let’s start looking at the flip side of this comparison, which is curtains. Curtains can be beautiful, elegant and striking, to be sure. But, they are still often heavy pieces of fabric layered over your window to provide different light diffusion qualities. They are dust and dirt magnets that just wait to be pulled down by enterprising pets and children. And, while they can be automated, the motors required to pull the heavier fabric could be more expensive on average.

Plus, curtains just speak to a bygone era of elegance. There was a time where it was necessary to have large sheets of fabric over your windows because, as a species, we lacked the proper knowledge to seal windows. As a result, winters were exceptionally cold and unpleasant unless you could adequately trap the heat from your fire inside your home. But, we are long past this period, as modern building techniques have made this necessity obsolete.

The Bottom Line of This Comparison

Look, here’s the truth: Both blinds and curtains are great window treatments and more than their appearance or qualities should go into making a decision about one over the other. The decor in the rest of your home, the style and colouring, and the availability of each product must all be considered when choosing the right coverings for your home. And, the opinion of a couple of people on the internet is worth what an opinion is generally worth when it comes to personal decisions, which is very little. Instead, choose the product that makes you feel comfortable, happy and content.



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