3 Tips on how to save Space in your Luggage For your Upcoming Road Trip

save Space in Luggage

Planning a road trip? We get that you’re probably thinking how on earth you’re going to bring all your stuff on this trip. How are you going to fit everything that you want to bring in this car? Well, we have come up with a few tips on how you can save space in the luggage for your road trip. 

1. Write down a checklist

The most important tip when taking a road trip is to make a checklist beforehand. You often see road trippers making their suitcase the night before. Then you’re certain you’re going to forget half of your essentials. So write down multiple checklists for multiple bags or suitcases. One essential, one clothing, and one toiletry. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always search on the internet. Many helpful holiday bloggers or websites have everything you need for your road trip written out. But our main tip is: don’t write this down the night before. If you found out you forgot something, you’re probably going to be stressed and won’t be able to sleep that well. You need energy for your trip. So, start a couple days prior to your road trip and plan an afternoon where you can buy all of the missing things.

2. Pack your suitcase wisely

Packing your suitcase for most people is folding, closing and opening when you get to your destination. Whether you’re packing a bag or suitcase, it’s good to be organised in your luggage as well. You can use packing cubes to optimise your organisation. When using these cubes you separate all your clothes and other accessories. So when you open your suitcase or bag on arrival, everything is as organised as it can be. You can choose to fold your clothes, but we suggest rolling them. This way, you get fewer wrinkles and you can obtain more space.

3.  Everything in the car!

Your luggage is wisely packed and you’re ready to throw everything in the car. And with throwing we mean: carefully placing every item in the car so your essentials are easily reachable and less important items are at the bottom. 

Finding out during the packing of your car that you really don’t have enough space (even after all the effort you just put in packing)? Then, we suggest renting a bigger vehicle for comfort. You can easily rent a van (Dutch: personenbus huren) or a van for 9 people (Dutch: 9 persoons bus huren) if you want to have enough space for all your belongings and be comfortable at the same time.

Going on a road trip is great fun, but to go on an organised road trip can bring you a lot of comfort. So why wouldn’t you organise your luggage the best way you can? Good luck.


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