How to Style Your Lounge – Recommendations from Experts

How to Style Lounge

Learn how to style your lounge perfectly for everyday use and entertainment purposes using these ideas and tips from experts.  

Living rooms are at the center of our homes, therefore, knowing how to design them is important. These rooms are used every day by everyone in the household, they’re also spaces used to welcome family and friends. 

Compared to designing your kitchen, designing a living room is not very demanding but they both have twin uses as they can be used as family and entertainment spaces. Also, many hours are spent in them and therefore require informed and thoughtful design.

Designers from adage furniture consider flooring, furniture, layout, and decoration as key contributing factors when thinking about living room ideas that are not only practical and durable but also provide intimacy and comfort. 

Let’s start with designing the layout

A prosperous living room layout needs to factor in the place where the furniture is located, the spaces between the furniture that allows traffic to flow inside the room and through it, yet also prevents a cluttered atmosphere from forming in the focal points and negative spaces. 

In smaller living rooms, it may be tempting to shift the furniture to its corners and have space in the middle but according to Louise Bradley (an interior designer based in London), you need to ensure that layout works for you. 

How to start

When designing your living room it’s important to start with inspiration. With any project you embark on, it’s important to do some research to find the most functional solutions and most aesthetically pleasing options that are a good fit for your environment says Stephanie Lindsey from Etch Design Group in Austin. 

You can start by viewing living room pictures in magazines or online. Talk about your budget constraints and discuss numbers in detail, you’ll have a ton of fun looking and analyzing inspirational pictures and aligning them to what you want. 

Also, think about how your lounge is working in the present time, take into account how the space is utilized and whether or not it accommodates all the people who occupy it comfortably observing all the activities that take place there.

After that jot down a wish list for the living room, regardless of whether you’re remodeling your current space or you’ve recently moved into a new house. Always remember to plan for the future while factoring in current household needs as they usually change.


The greatest way to decorate and make your living room more comfortable is to bear in mind your personal preference. Whether you want your space to be more traditional or contemporary you need to choose furniture pieces that help you achieve this. Focus on the dimensions and scales of your furniture piece. The elderly for example need a seat that has height, an armrest a shallow depth to enable them to sit and get up with ease. Alternatively, a lower and deeper seat may be a preference for watching movies and lazying around. This is basically how you tailor your lounge to attain the goals you want your living room to achieve. 





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